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Sylva Senat


UPDATED: Sylva Senat On “Unofficial Vacation” From Tashan

The rumors have been circulating for a few days, but now we know for sure. Sylva Senat is no longer the chef at Tashan. Or […]


Tashan Does Delivery: Not Your Average Indian Take-Out

“What we are doing at Tashan will be more like elegant Dinner At Home experience. Everything about the service will have get a special touch of […]


Paranoia at Tashan

Over on the Philly Post, Hugh E. Dillon was out celebrity-hunting last night and caught Commissioner Gordon and Indiana Jones’s grandfather having dinner together at […]


Maddox-Star BBQ Challenge Winners

Over the weekend 59 teams competed in the Garry Maddox-Stephen Starr Barbecue Challenge, but only one came out on top. The team at Carolina Blue […]


Swagger and Spice at Tashan

Adam Erace says the food coming from Sylva Senat’s kitchen at Tashan is some of the most exciting to debut all year. Especially impressive when […]