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Tom Wolf Will Post His Work Calendar Online

Gov. Wolf’s schedule of private meetings with lobbyists, elected officials and others may soon be available for anyone with access to the Internet to see. Wolf  announced […]

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Tom Wolf’s Cabinet Got Schooled on Your Right to Know

A governor’s first actions in office are watched closely by the media, presumably because they tell us something about their priorities. Since Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, was inaugurated last […]

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Senate GOP Sues Over Wolf’s Firing of Open Records Czar

Pennsylvania Senate Republicans are suing Gov. Wolf over his ousting of the executive director of the Office of Open Records. The suit, filed in Commonwealth Court, says Wolf’s actions “violate […]

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Kane Grand Jury: Scale Back Reporters’ Shield Law Because Our Job Was Hard

A new grand jury report is calling for weakening the Pennsylvania “Shield Law” that protects journalists from being forced to reveal their confidential sources. Why, you wonder? […]


Tuesday’s City Reads

Local Read: “New Pa. House leader isn’t the same ol’, same ol’” There’s been talk in some political circles that maybe, just maybe, the election […]
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Pennsylvania’s Open Records Czar Is Leaving Office

Terry Mutchler ushered in a new era of (relative) government transparency in 2008 when she was appointed the first executive director of the then-brand-new Pennsylvania’s Office of […]

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Daughter of State Senate Candidate John Kane Calls Him a Liar

The State Senate battle between Democrat John Kane and Republican Tom McGarrigle for the 26th District seat in Delaware and Chester counties is one of […]

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Tom Corbett Is Absolutely Right About Pension Reform

He’s right, you know. I’m talking about Tom Corbett. Our Governor. A man who probably doesn’t hear “you know Tom, you’re absolutely right” very often. Definitely […]

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Tom Corbett Is Mugging Philadelphia and Its Schools

The city of Philadelphia was the victim of an attempted mugging last night. I don’t resort to that sort of language lightly. But I’m not […]

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Abandoned Sting Case One Giant Grudge Match Between Kathleen Kane and Frank Fina?

Things have gone from bad to ugly in the bizarre microcosm that is the abandoned sting. Kathleen Kane’s epic “double-dog-dare” to Seth Williams (in which […]

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Dominic Pileggi: The Grown-Up

At the Court Diner in Media, the rest of the table orders chipped beef, pancakes and omelets. Then the waitress asks Senate Majority Leader Dominic […]

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Daryl Metcalfe’s “English-Only” Bill Hurts Philly

Once again, Daryl Metcalfe is screwing with Philadelphia. That may not be an obvious implication of the Butler Republican’s decision this week to introduce an […]