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City Life

Is Stripper Registry Bill a Trojan Horse Meant to Shut Down Nudie Bars?

I don’t like strip clubs. The first time I went to a nudie bar, I felt like I was watching pornography with a room full […]

City Life

Lawmaker Who Wants a Stripper Registry Tells His Story

State Rep. Matt Baker, a Republican who represents the county home to the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania,” wants to do something that is awfully Big Government. […]


The Brief: Philly’s Hotel Occupancy Rates Explode to a Modern High

1. Philadelphia’s hotels were more booked last month than during any other June since 1993. The gist: The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Center City’s hotel occupancy rates “reached 89.4 percent in […]


The Brief: Mayor Nutter Rapped With The Roots in an Epic Performance

1. Mayor Michael Nutter performed “Rapper’s Delight” with The Roots at the Philly 4th of July Jam this weekend. The gist: You remember when Mayor Nutter did it at […]


The Brief: Police Shootings Plummet 62% in Philadelphia

1. Police shootings fell 62 percent between 2012 and 2014. The gist: 2012 marked a modern high for police shootings: City cops fired at civilians 104 times that year, […]

City Life

Should Every Pop-Up Beer Garden Be Required By Law to Get Community Input?

Philadelphia’s pop-up beer gardens, fun and lighthearted as they may seem to some, have been quite controversial. When a few sprouted up last year, state lawmakers […]

City Life

Should Drivers Be Able to Sue Pa. Over Pothole Damage?

After this past winter, many of Pennsylvania’s roads are littered with potholes — and many of Pennsylvania’s cars are suffering for it. “In my area, the pothole situation is […]

City Life

Pa. Bill Would Recognize May 7th as “National Day of Prayer”

A new bill in the state House would recognize May 7th as the “National Day of Prayer” in Pennsylvania. State Rep. Thomas Caltagirone, a Berks County […]


Church and State: Pennsylvania House Resolution Honors God

A resolution introduced yesterday by State Rep. John Lawrence, who represents the 13th legislative district, honors the Lord. Okay, it’s not a resolution praising God […]

City Life

The Taney Dragons Now Have Their Very Own Week

Did you know it’s Taney Dragons week? That’s right: Because the Taney Dragons run to the Little League World Series happened while legislators were on […]