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City Life

People Say This Scranton Hotel Is Haunted

I’m heading to Scranton to talk to a dead man. A couple of them, maybe, depending on how things go. The two-hour ride up the […]

City Life

Man Lost After Electronic Music Festival Found Alive, Waist-Deep in Swamp Mud

A man who went missing after an electronic music festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania, was found alive, lodged waist-deep in a mucky swamp, according to the Times-Tribune. Collin Burns, 20, from […]

City Life

Survey Finds Lancaster and Scranton Top Places For Gay and Lesbian Dating

Before you head home for the holidays, you might think twice before believing you won’t be able to find a mate in the burbs. A recent […]

City Life

WATCH: Scranton Residents Turn Potholes into Art

ABC US News | ABC Entertainment News ABC News says only: “Artists from The Pop Up Studio challenge (Scranton)community to turn pesky potholes in to […]


Scranton Most Hungover City In America

With the new year comes new lists. Lots of new lists. And Business Insider has compiled a list of the Most Hungover Cities In America, […]

City Life

Wanna See Obama and Biden Today? Go to Scranton.

Scranton, sometimes home of Derek Jeter and the American Dream, will host another native son today–Joe Biden. Also, his sidekick Barack Obama. The president will […]

scranton lace

Exquisite: Laura Kicey’s Photos of Former Lace Factory

“Get out of town,” said Cole Porter. “Don’t fence me in,” he said, also. The guy had serious wanderlust, and when it’s nice out, so […]