Survey Finds Lancaster and Scranton Top Places For Gay and Lesbian Dating

No, we're not kidding!

Before you head home for the holidays, you might think twice before believing you won’t be able to find a mate in the burbs.

A recent survey by featured in Tech Insider, a division of Business Insider, compiled the top ten places to find gay love and lesbian love. Sure, there were the likely picks on the lists, like San Francisco and New York, but two Pennsylvania cities made it in the top ten before Philadelphia.

And they’re places you might not guess.

For the gay list, Lancaster, Pennsylvania ranked tenth. For the lesbian list, Scranton, Pennsylvania ranked sixth (and beat out Austin, Dallas, and Atlanta).

The survey “took into account how many new members of the LGBT community moved into each city in 2015, as well as how many ‘winks’ were sent between gay and lesbian matches” according to Molly Mulshine, writer for Tech Insider.

Interested in the full lists? Take a look below.

10 Best Cities for Men Looking For Men

1. San Francisco, California

2. Los Angeles, California

3. New York, New York

4. Washington, DC

5. Miami, Florida

6. Atlanta, Georgia

7. New Haven, Connecticut

8. Boston, Massachusetts

9. Dallas, Texas

10. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

10 Best Cities for Women Looking for Women

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

2. Palm Bay, Florida

3. Tulsa, Oklahoma

4. Springfield, Massachusetts

5. Worcester, Massachusetts

6. Scranton, Pennsylvania

7. Austin, Texas

8. Dallas, Texas

9. Atlanta, Georgia

10. Toledo, Ohio