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Rick Minter

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Growth Mindset: The Idea Shaping the Eagles’ Offseason

This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts. Although people may differ in […]

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Three Eagles Leftovers: On Barbre, Maxwell And Hicks

From Allen Barbre’s comfort level to Byron Maxwell’s role to a Jordan Hicks-DeMeco Ryans comparison, here are three Eagles leftovers. 1. We know that the Eagles will enter 2015 with at least […]

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: No Odd Man Out At ILB?

As Billy Davis addressed reporters on Wednesday afternoon, the same topic seemed to surface over and over again. How is this going to work with three […]

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Sproles a Hit With Eagles Defensive Coaches

While Eagles offensive coaches were thrilled to land Darren Sproles this offseason, it didn’t take long for GM Howie Roseman to hear from representatives on the other […]

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Why Chip Kelly Values Mychal Kendricks

During one play Tuesday, Brent Celek motioned to the slot on the left side, and linebacker Mychal Kendricks went with him.

Celek ran a corner route downfield, towards the sideline, but Kendricks was able to stick with the tight end, and the pass went in another direction.

This is Chip Kelly’s offense. Identify versatile pieces, move them around the formation, create mismatches, and move fast.

But Kendricks has the skill set to negate that style. So it makes sense that Kelly is excited about what the second-year player can bring to the defense.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Ryans Draws Rave Reviews

Even before he got the job as the Eagles’ inside linebackers coach, Rick Minter knew of DeMeco Ryans.

In the past three months, though, he’s discovered that everything he’d heard was spot-on.

“He is the leader of our group,” Minter said. “He’s the elder statesman, the older player. Fortunately, when your older player is a producer, and he’s one of your very best people in the room, it really is a very good situation.”

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Three Leftovers: What’s In Store For the Eagles’ Defense?

Will the Eagles run a pure 3-4? How will they adapt to offenses that are evolving? And why did Chip Kelly hire so many defensive assistants from the college ranks? Here are three leftovers, pertaining to the Eagles’ defense.