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Petruce et al


Petruce et al Now Accepting Reservations

The sharp eyes over at Eater Philly noticed that Petruce et al–the multiply-delayed Walnut Street project from the Petruce brothers, Jonathan and Justin–is now accepting […]


Tonight: Petruce et al Bar Pop-Up With George Costa At Lemon Hill

So Petruce et al is getting closer and closer, but the crew of all-stars they’re assembling still needs some space to practice. Which is why […]


Petruce et al Assembling All-Star et al

Petruce et al is coming to 1121 Walnut this February. We’ve known that Jonathan and Justin Petruce were onboard. The brothers will be cooking together and […]


Foobooz Open Stove XVIII: Hands Up, Knives Down

So last week, before all the madness of the Thanksgiving holiday (and all its attendant drinking and regrets), we threw a little party of our […]


Sneak Preview: November At Cook

November is the best month of the year. That’s not an opinion, that’s fact. The city looks prettier, the people look nicer, the food even […]


Petruce Brothers Opening Petruce et al on Walnut

Michael Klein is reporting that brother chefs Justin and Jonathan Petruce have signed a lease at 1121 Walnut Street. The brothers have both worked as […]