Bonus: Vine Street Overpass Renovations Pave the Way for Additional Projects!

That pedestrian-friendly makeover that’s slated for the Vine Street Expressway overpasses has paved the way for another renovation project in Philadelphia, thanks to a law that […]


PennDOT to Replace 7 Bridges Over Vine Street Expressway

PennDOT will spend $65 million to replace seven bridges over the Vine Street Expressway, the agency said in a statement. The 22nd Street, 21st Street, […]


PennDOT to Repair Spring Garden Street Bridges

PennDOT announced today it will soon begin a $6.6 million renovation of the Spring Garden Street bridges, the several spans that take Spring Garden Street […]


Pennsylvania Selling 11 Bridges for as Little as $1

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Okay, not me. But the state of Pennsylvania has […]


Pennsylvania Unveils 70-MPH Zones

Welcome to the future: Pennsylvania has unveiled its first 70-mph highway zones, finally letting drivers enjoy late 20th century car-travel standards. The down side? Only […]


I-95 South Cottman Avenue Traffic Tangle Finally Over?

PennDOT announced yesterday that for the first time since April 30th of last year, you’ll be able to exit I-95 southbound at the Cottman Avenue […]


Another Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll Hike Coming Next Year

For the seventh straight year, tolls are set to increase on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission met this morning; the first item on […]


It’s Going to Cost More to Drive in PA

WFMZ reports on a series of fee increases that will hit Pennsylvania drivers starting next week to generate funding for the state’s new transportation bill: