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Huge New Penn Study: Red Wine Not So Good For Your Heart After All

Uh, guys? I think the entire health community might soon take back everything good it’s ever said about red wine and heart health: A huge […]

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A Father and Daughter Weight-Loss Story

Growing up in a family where obesity was the norm and she was always “a heavy kid,” Jennifer Read had seen her mother, grandmother, and […]

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Bariatric Surgery: Financially Planning Your Weight-Loss Surgery

In addition to being physically and mentally prepared for weight-loss surgery, it’s important to be financially prepared as well. The cost of a procedure will […]

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Celebs Who Lost with Bariatric Surgery

It’s easy to imagine that Hollywood A-listers all come by their perfectly slim physiques naturally—or at the very least, with the help of personal trainers, […]

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Bariatric Surgery and the Bedroom

Losing a large amount of weight via bariatric surgery comes with a lot of victories, big and small. Many of them have nothing to do […]

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Bariatric Surgery: Which Surgical Option is Right for You?

As patients begin exploring the benefits of weight-loss surgery, they may discover that they have more surgical options than they know about. The Penn Metabolic […]

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Before & After Bariatric Surgery: Three Inspirational Weight Loss Stories

When you’ve got one hundred or more pounds to lose, it can be difficult to believe it will ever be possible. These amazing before-and-after transformations […]

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Bariatric Surgery: A Conversation That Could Save a Life

Anyone who has a weight problem has likely heard their fair share of supposedly helpful (and, often, so not-so-helpful) advice about diets, doctors, and eating […]

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Bariatric Surgery: Get a Helping Hand with Weight Loss

Losing weight can sometimes be a lonely and isolating process; especially as food often comes into play in social situations.  (Really, who wants to be […]

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Before and After: One Woman’s Weight Loss Transformation

Lisa Harris, a software administrator and mom of two living in southern New Jersey, knows firsthand how living with obesity can affect even the most […]

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Bariatric Surgery: The First Step to Lasting Weight Loss

If you’ve been considering bariatric surgery after struggling with different diets for years, the most important thing to feed yourself is information. The Penn Metabolic […]

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Post-Bariatric Surgery: Top Tips for Making Weight Loss Last

Bariatric surgery can help achieve amazing results when it comes to losing weight, but for those results to last, you have to make permanent healthy […]

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Post-Bariatric Surgery: Thinking Outside the Scale

Before and after bariatric surgery, patients are confronted with a lot of numbers: their blood pressure and cholesterol readings, body mass index (BMI), calories in […]

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Post-Bariatric Surgery: Avoiding Vacation Weight Gain

Like a lot of people, you’re probably anticipating summer vacation season even more than usual this year, given the harsh winter that just passed. If […]

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Your Fitness Level Before and After Bariatric Surgery

Along with dietary changes and staying hydrated, regular fitness is one of the keys to long-term success following bariatric surgery. Emily Newell, RD, LDN, CNSC, […]