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Pat Toomey; Betsy DeVos

Despite Opposition, Pat Toomey Votes to Confirm Betsy DeVos

Despite determined constituent opposition, Pat Toomey voted on Tuesday to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, as he repeatedly said he would. The vote […]


She Raised More Than $60,000 to Buy Pat Toomey’s Vote on Betsy DeVos

We see a lot of crowdfunding campaigns here at Philly Mag. Most of them never really get going or they whimper out well before the […]

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Philly Woman Raising Money to “Buy Pat Toomey’s Vote” on Betsy DeVos

Ever since Betsy DeVos became Donald Trump‘s nominee for Secretary of Education, 31-year-old South Philadelphia woman Katherine Fritz has, like many other Pennsylvanians, made daily […]

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Report: Pat Toomey Gets More Faxes Than Any Other U.S. Lawmaker

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey receives more faxes than any other U.S. lawmaker, according to Fax Zero, a website that lets people send faxes for free and keeps […]

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Toomey (Finally) Speaks Up In Support of Trump’s Immigration Ban

While thousands of protestors – and a few politicians – convened in Philadelphia this weekend to protest President Donald Trump‘s recent executive order on immigration, […]

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PPA Refused to Ticket Republican Senator’s Illegally Parked Car

If your car is parked in a no-stopping zone in Center City, you will, no doubt, get a $51 ticket. Your car might even be […]

Toomey hearing

Toomey Compares Patients With Preexisting Conditions to Burned-Out Houses

Pat Toomey has taken a lot of flak since Donald Trump won the presidency. The Pennsylvania senator, who revealed he had decided to vote for […]

Pat Toomey; Bob Casey
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After Big Pharma Donations, Casey and Toomey Vote Against Importing Cheaper Drugs from Canada

Pennsylvania Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey voted against an amendment sponsored by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders that would have allowed Americans to purchase cheaper pharmaceutical drugs from Canada.

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Toomey Backs Sessions for Attorney General, Despite Protests

The Tuesday-afternoon crowd outside Republican Senator Pat Toomey’s office in Center City is growing by the week. Since the election, when Toomey beat Democratic challenger […]

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Is Pat Toomey “One of the Most Underrated Politicians in the Country”?

A political blog run by the Washington Post has called U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey one of the country’s “most underrated politicians.” 


Toomey Backs Senate Plan to Investigate Alleged Russian Hack

Both Pennsylvania senators have called for an investigation into possible Russian interference in the presidential election last month. Republican Pat Toomey, who himself won re-election […]

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Toomey Calls on Trump to Punish Philly, Other Sanctuary Cities

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey has called on president-elect Donald Trump to punish Philadelphia and other “sanctuary cities” that do not fully comply with federal immigration […]

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Philly Jewish Group Calls for Opposition to Trump Stategist Steve Bannon

A group of young Jews marched through Center City Tuesday afternoon, calling on Republican Senator Pat Toomey and the Philadelphia chapter of the Jewish Federation […]

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Pa. Senators: Defend American Greatness By Rejecting These Two Trump Picks

Dear Senators Toomey and Casey, We’ve got to talk — youngish Baby Boomer to youngish Baby Boomer, Catholic to Catholic, Pennsylvania voter to Pennsylvania legislators. […]

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Pat Toomey Wins U.S. Senate Race

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey has fought off a challenge from Katie McGinty and will return to the U.S. Senate for a second term, according to […]