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Pat Shurmur

Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur takes question from media
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Shurmur: ‘Not Saying There Is A Conspiracy’

 Pat Shurmur fielded question after question about the Eagles’ replay process Tuesday, specifically as it applies to the missed challenge opportunity in Green Bay. Something […]

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Digging Deeper Into the Replay Issue

Safe to say,  Chip Kelly and his staff  have been a little shaky in the instant replay department so far this year. They are 1-for-4 on […]

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All-22: How Foles And the Offense Rebounded

In the days leading up to Sunday’s game against the Raiders, Chip Kelly was asked what his message would be to Nick Foles to get […]

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All-22: How the Offense Operates With Foles

All last week, Chip Kelly and his staff made one thing clear: The offense would not undergo a complete makeover with Nick Foles at quarterback instead of Michael […]

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Shurmur: Foles For Now, Future TBD

Nick Foles is the man out front as preparation for Dallas begins. Michael Vick was on the field at the start of practice Tuesday but […]

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What Kelly Tells Vick Through the Headset

Chip KellyChip Kelly has 25 seconds to talk through the headset to Michael Vick in between snaps.

From the time the play clock starts until there are 15 seconds remaining, the one-way line of communication is open. So the question posed to Kelly today was: What do you say to Vick other than the play-call?

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Vick On Hits: ‘I Think I Can Make It Through’

0V3J8536The Redskins were credited with seven quarterback hits on Michael Vick Monday night, but that doesn’t begin to tell the story.

Through his film study, Ron Jaworski tracks the amount of hits the quarterback takes in a given game. According to Jaws’ count, Vick was knocked to the ground 15 times in the opener and was involved in some sort of contact play an additional eight times. That’s 23 of 77 snaps (30 percent)  where the 33-year-old was mixing it up.

“No one can sustain those kind of hits at the quarterback position and stay healthy,” said Jaworski. “It’s too many.”

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How the Eagles Package the Zone Read And Bubble Screen

Back in early June, Chip Kelly sat at the head of a conference table in the NovaCare Complex and spent a full hour answering reporters’ questions about his program, his offensive scheme and his philosophies.

avant1bNot surprisingly, the topic of tempo was brought up. And the first-year Eagles’ head coach tried to explain that he didn’t always want to go at a super-fast speed.

“If they didn’t line up right and they have nine guys standing over there and you have a play called that’s going to run into those nine guys, then maybe playing fast wasn’t the smartest thing to do,” Kelly said. “Sometimes you need to let things get settled down and get an opportunity to make sure that you’ve got the right look.

“A lot of things we’re doing, we’re trying to throw it versus the best-located safety. Well, we better make sure we locate the safeties before we snap the football. Do we want to run it at one guy or run away from another guy? You’ve got to make sure some of those things you can see before you start it. It’s just not all driven on let’s see how many plays we can get run.”

While the truth is the Eagles are going to move quickly, Kelly’s response serves as the foundation for much of what he wants to do offensively: spread the field out, look for a numbers advantage and count on the quarterback to make the right decisions.

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How the Eagles Scored Two TDs On the Same Play

brown-block1Nick Foles saw five defenders in the box, and so his decision was simple: hand the ball off to Bryce Brown.

Matt Barkley got a 2 vs. 2 matchup he liked on the perimeter, and so he threw the screen outside to Greg Salas.

The play-calls were exactly the same. Yet the quarterbacks made two different decisions, both which resulted in touchdowns.

We talked about run-pass options in this space over the weekend. And Grantland’s Chris Brown explained them further in his terrific piece about Chip Kelly’s offense. After Monday’s practice, we caught up with several players to gain a better understanding of the “packaged play” concept.

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How the Eagles Are Calling Plays Under Chip Kelly

The second the previous play was blown dead, Chip Kelly’s assistant was already going through his routine.

Standing on the sideline in a grey hoodie, grey sweats and an Eagles visor, he quickly looked down at his cheat sheet on the grass before running through the motions.

An NFL-version of charades. One second, he was adjusting an imaginary telescope. The next, flapping his wings like a bird.

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Vick To Tackle Yet Another Offensive System

Chip Kelly had done a little homework on the whole Michael Vick age thing, and was armed with a response when the subject was broached earlier this week.

“Number one, I think when you look at his age and study it for quarterbacks, he is actually younger than Tony Romo and about the same age as Eli Manning.  I think sometimes when you look at him because he has been in the league for a while and he came out early from college. And you look at his age and say, boy, he’s aging.  And it’s funny,” said Kelly. “So I think there is a lot more to Michael.”

Fair enough. But the question wasn’t about how Vick ranks by age compared to his contemporaries, but rather how Kelly planned on getting a soon-to-be 33-year old to change his spots.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Three Questions About Shurmur

What does the reported hiring of Pat Shurmur mean for the Eagles, and what does it say about the start of the Chip Kelly era? Our readers ask the pertinent questions, and we try to answer them:

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Report: Kelly Names Pat Shurmur Offensive Coordinator

Chip Kelly‘s staff will have a little Andy Reid flavor to it.

The Eagles will name Pat Shurmur offensive coordinator, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.