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North Wales


Farmhouse Friday: A Link to the Founder in North Wales

Around Bucks County, William Penn ranks up there with George Washington as the man who has a connection to everyone’s homes. But in Penn’s case, […]


Farmhouse Friday: Great Room in North Wales

“Were you raised in a barn?” Your kids might answer this question literally if they grow up in this huge former barn in North Wales. Built […]


The Lost World: Papaya Vietnamese Contemporary Tapas Reviewed

On a Sunday night in late November, we weren’t the only table at Papaya Vietnamese Contemporary Tapas, but it was close. My wife and I […]

City Life

Israeli Company With Montco HQ in $40B Bid to Become Largest Generic Drug Maker

Teva Pharmaceuticals has offered to acquire Mylan N.V. for $82 per share — or approximately $40 billion. Teva is an Israeli company that employs 2,000 […]


Farmhouse Friday: Lane’s End Farm Gets Second Price Cut

Once again on the Property circuit, Lane’s End Farm has been spotted with a second price cut. Not for lacking of anything to say, but we […]


Lane’s End Farm in North Wales on 18 Preserved Acres

One look at the listing photos of Lane’s End Farm makes it easy to understand where the manse got its name. Even the hardiest city […]


Dave Magrogan Has Created a Sneaky Empire

This guy; cotton candy oysters guy; Mr. Kildare’s, himself. Dave Magrogan is a big deal, and barely anybody knows it. Philadelphia Business Journal reported that Dave […]