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There Is No Envelope – Progressive Cuisine, Philadelphia-Style

A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in the office, arguing with a friend about foam. About agar agar, too. Reverse sphericalization processes. Sous-vide. It […]


Top Chef Episode 10: It Doesn’t Get Better

Photo courtesy Greg Endries Holy shit that’s a creepy photo. Even for a chef, that’s creepy. Good thing he’s not looking for a job in […]


Playful & Thoughtful at Charcoal

Adam Erace visits Yardley’s Charcoal, the molecular gastronomy BYOB from brothers Eric and Mark Plescha. The chefs know their way around an immersion circulator, though, […]


Great Flavor At New Marigold

Craig LaBan visits the now avant-garde Marigold Kitchen where chef Robert Halpern is deconstructing and meat-gluing back together the typical idea of a meal. Great […]


An Eye on the Apple

What does the New York Times have to tell us about dining today? Shocker: men and women are treated differently in restaurants. Guess who gets […]


Is It the Mole-Gas, Or Is It Us?

As people who love to eat pretty much anything, the Foobooz team read David “Philafoodie” Snyder’s article “Foam Over Function: why don’t we ‘get’ molecular […]