An Eye on the Apple

What does the New York Times have to tell us about dining today?

Shocker: men and women are treated differently in restaurants. Guess who gets quoted in this sexual profiling article?

Stephen Starr, who owns Buddakan and Morimoto, said that women more often hesitate if the name or look of a dish is too blunt a reminder that they’re biting into an animal. “If it’s something that says chorizo with some sort of egg, they’ll eat it,” Mr. Starr said. “If it’s a suckling pig, they’re not going near it.”

We beg to differ, S.S. We think’suckling pig’ is one of the sexiest combination of words in the English language.

Can food save a town from dying? The Times heads to Vermont to see for themselves. Why don’t they come check out Philly? We’d say that the food scene is one of the few things that are keeping our fair city relevant.

Molecular Gastronomy geeks, start your sous vide machines. Diner’s Journal will be hosting a chat with the founding father of the movement, El Bulli chef Ferran Adria.

Is that salmon really Scottish, or is it just putting on that accent so you’ll find it sexy and take it home? Watch out for loopholes in new food labeling laws.

The Michelin and Zagat guides to New York are out.

New York Times Dining Section [Official Site]