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Minimum Wage


BizFeed: Banks Plead Guilty to Currency Scam

1. Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase Among Banks Fined for Rigging Foreign Currency The News: Four large global banks have pleaded guilty to manipulating international currency rates. Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and […]


To Escape Poverty, Minimum-Wage Earners Need to Work 50-Hour Weeks

If the United States is the greatest economic power the world has ever seen, it has a funny way of showing it to the lower classes. Take […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Marie Antoinette Lives!

A new study out this week from the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education revealed just how much the working poor rely on […]

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Debate on $15 Minimum Wage Starts Today

Talk has been simmering for months. Today the debate begins in earnest: City Council’s Committee on Commerce and Economic development will hold hearings on raising […]

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New Push for Minimum Wage Hike in Pa.

A new effort to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania got underway Monday. Lawmakers filed a bill and advocates rallied in Harrisburg. “State Rep. Patty […]


Four Obama State of the Union Pledges That Would Help Philly

President Obama barely made mention of cities or urban affairs in last night’s State of the Union. But his agenda did include four big initiatives […]

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New Jersey Raises Minimum Wage by 13 Cents

The new year brought a new, higher minimum wage to New Jersey: It went up 13 cents, to $8.38, under a new law that automatically […]

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Four Reasons Philly Business Will Find Things Tougher Next Year

So far, the outlook for 2015 is pretty good. Most experts are predicting a continued economic strengthening with even one member of the Federal Reserve […]


Chris Christie Tired of Hearing About Minimum Wage

With the Pennsylvania governor’s race a complete snore — even the most optimistic Republican poll still gives Wolf a 7-point edge — we turn to New […]

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Mary Poppins Quits: Kristen Bell Parodies the Disney Hero, Takes on Minimum Wage

Just a spoonful of sugar won’t raise the minimum wage in America, so Mary Poppins has packed her carpet bag and is so flying out of […]


City Raises Minimum Wage for City Contractors to $12 an Hour

@Michael_Nutter signs Exec Order on fair minimum wage for City contractors & sub-contractors: $12/hour starting Jan 1 pic.twitter.com/vBaS2LazRv — City of Philadelphia (@PhiladelphiaGov) May 6, […]

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Philly Fast Food Workers Rally for Higher Wages

Except for the Dunkin Donuts in The Gallery — the greatest Dunkin Donuts in all of Philadelphia — fast food service is notoriously awful. But the […]