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Life Hacking

City Life

The Pandemic Made Me Realize I Hate Everything About My Old Social Life

As vaccinations accelerate across the region, I received my first invitation to a “vaccinated-only” private, in-person networking soirée scheduled for next month. The promise of […]

Things to Do

8 Netflix Hacks to Improve Your Instant-Viewing Experience

Last week, the good folks at theweek.com gave us a smorgasbord of what they called Netflix hacks to help improve your overall Netflix experience. While […]

City Life

In These (Very) Small Ways, We Are All Olympians

There’s nothing like the Olympics to remind us how insufficient we are. Our lives don’t feature medals and pageantry and easily remembered storylines. For two […]

City Life

How You Can Run a Free Background Check on Anyone

A couple of weeks ago, my wife came to me and told me that the father of one of my son’s classmates from last year’s […]

City Life

Move House and Find Out Just How Much Junk You Have

As a homeowner-turned-landlord and longtime renter, I appreciate both sides of the home ownership vs. rent debate. Honestly, when it comes down to it, I […]

City Life

Recession Diet: Pay Less to Eat, Eat Fewer Calories

I have a lot of experience with dieting. Not the commercial diets, per se, but lots and lots of simply not eating, bowls of Special […]

City Life

10 Food Resolutions for 2012

About two months ago, my doctor told me the last thing anyone wants to hear with the holidays nigh and visions of turkey, stuffing, Italian […]

City Life

Cheap and Easy Holiday Entertaining

What do you do if people want to hang out at your house this holiday season but you’ve blown what little cash you have on […]