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Be Well Philly

“Dear Body, I’m Sorry”: A Woman’s Apology Letter to Herself

During her Be Well Philly Bootcamp talk this past Saturday, health coach Jessica Procini revealed one of her secrets to weight loss: Tell your inner critic to […]

City Life

“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Believe I am Less Than You”

Broadway star Max von Essen‘s open letter to family and friends who don’t support LGBT rights this election season has gone viral – and for […]

City Life

Frank Ocean Writes Again

Hip hop artist Frank Ocean posted another letter about what it means to be gay in the spotlight.

City Life

This is Not the Letter You Write Your Gay Son

A young man came out to his father and received a letter disowning him. The openly gay son has since shared the letter with the world.

City Life

A Message for Miss Pennsylvania

Dear Sheena Monin, I think we can agree that Donald Trump hasn’t exactly been supportive of gay rights over the years. He’s said more than […]

City Life

Faith Groups to Obama

On the heels of advocacy by LGBT groups around the country asking President Obama to sign an executive order that would bar discrimination by federal […]

City Life

An Open Letter For Trayvon Martin

A coalition of national LGBT organizations released an open letter recently calling on authorities to thoroughly investigate the killing of Trayvon Martin – the Florida […]