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“Dear Body, I’m Sorry”: A Woman’s Apology Letter to Herself

During her Be Well Philly Bootcamp talk this past Saturday, health coach Jessica Procini revealed one of her secrets to weight loss: Tell your inner critic to […]

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“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Believe I am Less Than You”

Broadway star Max von Essen‘s open letter to family and friends who don’t support LGBT rights this election season has gone viral – and for […]

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Frank Ocean Writes Again

Hip hop artist Frank Ocean posted another letter about what it means to be gay in the spotlight.

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This is Not the Letter You Write Your Gay Son

A young man came out to his father and received a letter disowning him. The openly gay son has since shared the letter with the world.

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A Message for Miss Pennsylvania

Dear Sheena Monin, I think we can agree that Donald Trump hasn’t exactly been supportive of gay rights over the years. He’s said more than […]

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Faith Groups to Obama

On the heels of advocacy by LGBT groups around the country asking President Obama to sign an executive order that would bar discrimination by federal […]

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An Open Letter For Trayvon Martin

A coalition of national LGBT organizations released an open letter recently calling on authorities to thoroughly investigate the killing of Trayvon Martin – the Florida […]