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Kids Today

City Life

Old Ladies Are Smart!

Old ladies are smart. Or maybe just wise, which doesn’t always mean smart as much as it does experienced. Case in point: I’ve been thinking […]

City Life

The Freshman College Drop-Off

If you’ve been following my posts over the past several months, you know that I’ve been anticipating the approaching school year with excitement and expectation. […]

City Life

Kids Don’t Need Cell Phones

I think I finally understand why parents buy their children cell phones. It’s because they’ve run out of other ideas for gifts. My daughter is […]

City Life

Stop: Hammertime (What’s Your Kid’s Camp Nickname?)

“How was camp?” I asked my 11-year-old stepson last summer as he climbed into the car from his weeklong June golf camp. “Good,” he said, […]

City Life

Children Know Best

Six years, two countries and $200,000 after leaving high school, my daughter graduates from college this weekend. Capped and gowned, she will receive her degree […]

City Life

Recess, R.I.P.

My daughter came home from elementary school today, and once again she’d spent recess indoors. The reason du jour? I warn you, it may take […]