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Kenyatta Johnson

City Life

Kenyatta Johnson Proposes Pre-K Tax Break for Working Poor

If you’re a low-income Philadelphian with a kid in pre-K, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson wants to give you a tax break. Johnson introduced legislation Thursday that would offer a wage and […]

City Life

Meet “Little Pete,” the Man Who Could Lose His Diner for a Butt-Ugly Hotel

What did you think when you heard that developers want to put a fancy hotel on 17th Street where the original Little Pete’s is located? […]


Ori Challenges Kenyatta to Ten Debates

As the 2015 primary election season heats up in Philadelphia, so do the public declarations of war. Last week, Mayor Michael Nutter publicly insulted 2nd […]


Half of City Council Just Got Cybersquatted

Go to MarkSquilla.com, and you won’t find a word about the South Philadelphia Councilman bearing its name. JannieBlackwell.com, too, has nary a sentence about the longtime Councilwoman representing parts of West Philadelphia. […]


Nutter on Ori Feibush: “A Little Jerk With a Big Checkbook”

The second district City Council race, featuring incumbent Kenyatta Johnson and controversial developer Ori Feibush, is certainly living up to its billing as perhaps the […]


Developer Is Suing Councilman Kenyatta Johnson For Favoring “Political Insiders”

Over at News + Opinion, Joel Mathis has the story on a lawsuit being filed against Councilman Johnson who is being accused of “steering properties […]

City Life

Kenyatta Johnson Sued Over Development Process

A Montgomery County developer is suing Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, saying Johnson has steered city-owned property to “political insiders” for development — bypassing accepted practices along […]

City Life

In Praise of Surveillance Cameras

So: Thank God for our dystopian Orwellian future, eh? I kid — kind of. But we’re all glad that Carlesha Freeland-Gaither is alive and well […]

City Life

Did Political Donation Grease the Wheels of Little Pete’s Demise?

When it comes to generating public outrage, it’s hard to top demolishing a beloved, grimy, 24-hour diner and replacing it with a luxury hotel. Plans to […]


The Royal Theater Is Getting Closer to a Proposed Redevelopment Project

There’s still a long way to go, but Carl Dranoff’s redevelopment plans for the Royal Theater are forging ahead. Dranoff, if you recall, has been seeking legislative […]


Philadelphia City Councilman Wants to Outlaw Realistic-Looking Toy Guns

Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has introduced legislation to ban toy guns. His bill, which he introduced at City Council on Thursday, comes after a […]

City Life

Kenyatta Johnson Wants Ori Feibush Lawsuit Dismissed

Ori Feibush has no proof that he was prevented from buying two city lots for development as payback for his political campaign against Councilman Kenyatta […]

City Life

Ori vs. Kenyatta: Gloves Off

Though Philadelphia’s primary election is many months away (May 19th — mark your calendars!), the battle between incumbent one-term City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and his […]

City Life

Councilman’s Charity Received More Money Than Reported

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s “Peace Not Guns” organization might’ve been nebulous, but the money it received was real — and much more than the councilman has […]

City Life

Kenyatta Johnson Consultant Asks Staphmeal Blogger to Start Anonymous Anti-Ori Feibush Site

Micah Mahjoubian is one of the most connected players in Philadelphia politics. He had a high-ranking job in John Street’s administration for eight years. He […]