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Shake-Ups and Sure Bets: Four Major Takeaways From Tuesday’s Primary

On Tuesday, empires fell, diversity flourished, and a new sheriff came to town. While some outcomes of the 2019 Democratic primary in Philadelphia were all […]


Thomas and Gilmore Richardson Win in Council Primary, Heralding Arrival of Next Generation

With strong performances in Tuesday’s City Council at-large primary, community advocate Isaiah Thomas, 34, and former chief of staff Katherine Gilmore Richardson, 35, are poised […]


Katherine Gilmore Richardson Wants to Become Philly’s Youngest Black Council Member

In mid-January, longtime City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown announced that she would not be seeking re-election. Now, her former chief of staff, Katherine Gilmore Richardson, […]


Blondell Reynolds Brown Will Not Seek a Sixth City Council Term

After being the only black woman to hold an at-large seat in City Council for 20 years, Blondell Reynolds Brown is not seeking re-election. In […]