Joey Merlino


Mistrial Declared in Joey Merlino’s Federal Racketeering Case

With the jury unable to reach a consensus after five days of deliberation, a federal judge in New York City had no choice on Tuesday […]


Federal Judge Forces Joey Merlino to Skip Wedding Reception

If you thought that working out the seating for a typical wedding was stressful enough, how about accommodating two friends on the guest list who […]


Bada-Bing! Joey Merlino Arrested By Feds in Massive Mob Bust

Not that you asked, but as of a couple of weeks ago, everything was A-OK in Joey Merlino’s world. “He was doing absolutely great,” said Edwin Jacobs, Merlino’s longtime […]


Natalie Guercio’s Mob Rules

Natalie Guercio lives in a funeral home. Carto, on South Broad Street. Her family has owned it forever, and until recently she was full-time there, […]


Federal Judge Rules Against Joey Merlino

Reputed Philadelphia mobster Joey Merlino has got to be sweating bullets right about now. The United States Attorney in Philadelphia wants to send “Skinny” Joey […]


The Feds Want to Put Joey Merlino Back In Prison Immediately

Philadelphia’s skinniest mobster Joey Merlino has been living in Boca Raton, Florida since his March 2011 release from federal prison, where he spent a decade […]