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Jason Kelce

Birds 24/7

Time For Watkins To Show What He’s Learned

Philadelphia Eagles right guard Danny Watkins.When Danny Watkins saw a notice last week at the Novacare Complex for a mandatory rookie event, his first instinct was to tell his teammate, Jason Kelce.

But then, Watkins remembered: He’s not a rookie anymore.

Birds 24/7

Players Choose: Which Eagle Will Have a Big Year?

Philadelphia Eagles DE Phillip HuntThis afternoon, I posed a simple question to players in the Eagles locker room: Based on what you’ve seen, which teammate do you think is poised to have a really good year?

Selection was based simply on who was available. But it just so happened to be four defensive players and four offensive players. Here are their responses.

Birds 24/7

How the Eagles’ Offensive Talent Stacks Up

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean JacksonCompared to most of the Donovan McNabb-led teams, the Eagles are stacked at the skill positions on offense.

But how does the Birds’ talent compare to teams around the league?

Each summer, Michael Lombardi of NFL.com puts out his list of blue-chip and red-chip players. Click on the link for a full explanation, but here’s the basic version: Blue-chip players are among the top-five at their position, and red-chip players are among the top 10.

When first considering it, you’d think the Eagles would have a pretty good showing on the list, specifically on offense. But you’d be wrong.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Finding Offensive Line Answers

Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach Howard MuddOn March 29, King Dunlap was not on an NFL roster.

Less than three months later, he’s in the driver’s seat to be the Eagles’ starting left tackle.

With the opener just about two weeks away, the offensive line has question marks.

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Offense Review: Dunlap Has Edge Over Bell

A look at how King Dunlap, Demetress Bell and the rest of the offense performed against the Patriots, after having re-watched the game.

Birds 24/7

Practice Observations: Eagles’ Red-Zone Struggles

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy MaclinJeremy Maclin lined up to Michael Vick’s left at the 10-yard-line.

He ran a slant to the 5-yard-line, stopped, changed direction and headed to the back left corner of the end zone. Vick let go of the ball, Maclin made the catch and kept his feet in-bounds for the touchdown.

But wide receivers coach David Culley saw something he didn’t like. He wanted Maclin to make sure he sold the slant with his final steps inside. Maclin did it again later, and this time, Culley approved.

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Players Provide Details On Garrett Reid, and the Day He Died

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason KelcePlayers shared their first-hand perspectives of the heart-wrenching events that unfolded at Lehigh University on Sunday, providing details about Garrett Reid the man, and the day that he died.

Jason Kelce said they could see the ambulances rushing to Sayre Park dormitories Sunday morning – the first sign for them that something was wrong.

“When I first saw it going to Building C I thought it was one of the coaches, but then we found at it was Garrett,” said Kelce.“When they first told me had passed I didn’t think it was real. You kind of get that feeling like, this guy’s been misinformed; that can’t be right.”

Birds 24/7

Eagles Practice Observations: Who’s Behind Kelce?

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce
Pretty much every discussion about the 2012 Eagles involves a mention about Michael Vick’s ability to stay healthy and Mike Kafka’s ability to back him up.

Some will also throw in LeSean McCoy’s heavy 2011 workload and the competition between Dion Lewis, Bryce Brown and Chris Polk to back him up.

But what about the offensive line?

Birds 24/7

Detailing The New Vick-Kelce Arrangement

A little hazy on just how Michael Vick and Jason Kelce plan to split the responsibilities at the line of scrimmage this season, Birds 24/7 caught up with Kelce after Sunday’s walkthrough to get coached up.

Thanks to a detailed explanation, we learned that Vick – while maintaining final say – has been relieved of a good chunk of responsibility. Much falls on the shoulders of the second-year center.