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Jason Avant

Birds 24/7

Twitter Mailbag: Wide Receiver Edition

From the complexities of DeSean Jackson to the fight for the last roster spot, we’re talking receivers in the latest edition of the Twitter Mailbag.

Birds 24/7

Projected Depth Chart: Eagles’ Offense

We went over the defense yesterday.

Here is the projected depth chart for the Eagles’ offense, based on what we saw during spring practices. Explanations below.

Birds 24/7

Eagles Depth Chart Outlook: Wide Receiver

Behind DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, there will be plenty of competition at wide receiver for the Eagles. Here’s a look at the names to keep an eye on.

Birds 24/7

Weekend Reading: Avant On D, More Love For Barkley

Jason Avant as a defensive back? Plus, more Matt Barkley believers emerge. Here’s your weekend roundup.

Birds 24/7

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Will Birds Seek WR/TE Help?

Will the Eagles look to add a wide receiver or tight end in free agency? We address Wes Welker, Danny Amendola and Jared Cook in today’s Wake-Up Call.

Birds 24/7

Offseason Primer: Eagles Wide Receivers

How will DeSean Jackson’s role change? Does Jeremy Maclin figure into the team’s future plans? Will the Eagles make a splash at wide receiver in free agency? Answering those questions and more in this offseason breakdown of the team’s wide-receiver situation.

Birds 24/7

Avant’s Advice: ‘Just Do As He Says’

Jason Avant‘s first impression of Chip Kelly actually came second-hand. When he pulled up to the NovaCare complex gates Thursday, the security guard was raving about the new head coach.

“He was like, ‘Hey man, did you meet Chip Kelly yet? He’s a great guy,'” said Avant.

“For him to say that, he had to come out of his car or stop and talk to him, so that says a whole bunch about him.”

Avant then went in to meet Kelly himself, and came away impressed. He was one of a handful of Eagles on the premises to greet Andy Reid‘s successor.

Birds 24/7

Avant: Not Enough Character On Team

Jason Avant was posed this question following the 42-7 loss to the Giants, which marked both the end of the season and Andy Reid‘s run as head coach of the Eagles:

Are there not enough character guys on this team anymore?

“I would say that’s true,” Avant replied.

The veteran receiver tried to cut himself off several times during his session with a group of reporters before getting too critical of his teammates, then pressed on. He was one of a handful of Eagles that couldn’t hide their emotions any longer. Some of the guys that line up beside them just aren’t cut from the same cloth.

Birds 24/7

All-22: What We Saw From Foles This Week

Here’s the All-22 look at what we saw from ​Nick Foles ​and the Eagles’ offense last week (when they weren’t fumbling, that is).

Birds 24/7

After Two-Month Drought, Eagles Find Some Joy

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid.For the past eight weeks, the routine was pretty much the same.

The Eagles players would file into the locker room one-by-one, shoulders slumped, faces pale. Silence, except for the occasional expletive-filled roar followed by the sound of a piece of equipment crashing off the floor and echoing down the hall.

Birds 24/7

With the Game In His Hands, Foles Delivers

Andy Reid caught the media a bit off guard when he revealed how the final play of the game came about.

“He wanted that last play,” said Reid of rookie quarterback Nick Foles. “He called it, he wanted it and he executed it.”

Foles called it?

“He came off and he wanted that play. So yeah,” said Reid.

Birds 24/7

Reid: Foles Made the Call On Final Touchdown

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.With the game on the line and two seconds on the clock, it was Nick Foles who decided what play to run, Andy Reid said following the Eagles’ 23-21 victory over the Bucs.

“He wanted that last play,” Reid said. “That’s a play that he wanted. I’m talking about the last play of the game. He called it. He wanted it, and he executed it. He did a great job with it so hats off to him.”

Birds 24/7

Instant Observations: Eagles 23, Bucs 21

Here are my instant observations from the Eagles’ 23-21 win over the Bucs.

Birds 24/7

All-22: Brown, O-Line Clicking On All Cylinders

Here’s an All-22 look at ​Bryce Brown’s ​24-carry, 169-yard performance Sunday night against the Cowboys.

Birds 24/7

Making Sense Of the Eagles’ Inactives

The following Eagles are inactive for tonight’s matchup against the Carolina Panthers: Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, Chris Polk, Jason Avant, Greg Salas, Nate Menkin and Phillip Hunt.