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Inside Voices

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Inside Voices: Kelly And the Balance Of Power

Jeffrey Lurie designed the power structure so that the proper checks and balances were built in. When he hired Chip Kelly, he set it up […]

Birds 24/7

Inside Voices: Training Versus Practice

There is a saying that floats around the NovaCare Complex, one that many of the players can recite on the spot: You don’t rise to […]

Birds 24/7

Inside Voices: How the Eagles Tipped Their Hand

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests the Niners’ defense was picking up on the Eagles’ tells Sunday, which helps explain why a normally […]

Birds 24/7

Inside Voices: How The Training Is Different

Under Chip Kelly, the Eagles have quickly become known as an organization on the cutting edge when it comes to the training and maintenance of […]

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Inside Voices: Wolff Says He’s Ready

Earl Wolff says he feels good enough to play on Saturday night. Now it’s just a matter of whether the training staff and coaches give […]

Eagles WR Jason Avant dives for a pass against the Cowboys. 10/20/13
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Inside Voices: The Value Of Avant

At first glance, it looked like DeSean Jackson was screaming at Jason Avant. The wide receiver was overheating on the sidelines after a Nick Foles […]

Philadelphia Eagles left guard Evan Mathis.
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Inside Voices: Eagles Getting Stronger

The idea that a football team would be getting physically stronger as the season goes along seems counter-intuitive. The Eagles are 13 games into their […]

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Inside Voices: Deeper Into the Sports Science

The sleep monitor attached to the player’s wrist begins to gently vibrate when it’s time to wake up. Instead of a screeching alarm clock that […]

Eagles RB Bryce Brown with NFL cap
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Inside Voices: Brown Stuck In Neutral

At the beginning of the year, Chip Kelly was feeling so good about his stable of running backs that he said he would put his […]

Eagles LB Brandon Graham running out with team
Birds 24/7

Inside Voices: Graham’s Frustrations Building

Brandon Graham is in his fourth year now, believe it or not, yet in many respects is still waiting for his career to get going. […]

Birds 24/7

Inside Voices: Getting On Kelly’s Bad Side

Casey Matthews was asked: What’s the angriest you’ve ever seen Chip Kelly? He smiled immediately as the answer popped right to the front of his brain. The offseason heading […]