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Mike Dunn on the Empty Desks in City Hall’s Pressroom

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from former KYW City Hall reporter Mike Dunn.) Decades of history can be found in the press room […]

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Newspaper Guild Offers to Buy Philadelphia Daily News

The union that represents journalists at Philly’s biggest newspapers is — once again — offering to buy the Daily News, this time in the wake […]

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Layoffs Slam, Daily News Hardest

As expected, layoffs were announced at Philadelphia Media Network on Wednesday afternoon — nearly 50 journalists and other workers at the Inquirer, Daily News, and […]

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Big Layoffs to Hit Inquirer, Daily News,

Philadelphia Media Network will lay off 46 members of the Newspaper Guild, the guild notified members Monday afternoon. Journalists at the company — which owns […]

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The Daily News Isn’t Dead. Yet.

They’re writing the Daily News’ obituary. Again. Friday’s news that the newsrooms of the Inquirer, Daily News, and are merging has prompted a new […]

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Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News Newsrooms to Merge

Updated with comment from PMN. See below. The newsrooms of the Inquirer, Daily News, and will merge, the publisher of the papers told reporters […]

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Temple, Philly Newspapers in Project to Create “Paperless” News Future

Philly’s major daily newspapers are getting ready to take a big step away from “paper” — and they’re doing so with the help of Temple […]

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The Newspaper Business Is Dead in Philly

The newspaper business — in Philadelphia, at least — is dead. Not newspapers, understand: They’ll linger on, in diminished and probably less-frequently printed form, for the […]

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Merging Daily News, Inquirer Newsrooms Would Be Dumb

The first day I walked into the newsroom at the Daily News, one of the editors pulled me aside to share an insight on the […]

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New Publisher to Scrutinize Separate Newsrooms of Inquirer, Daily News,

Big changes could be coming to the Philadelphia Media Network. The company runs the Inquirer, Daily News, and, and for now, runs them using three […]

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Terry Egger Named New Publisher of Philadelphia Newspapers

Terry Egger, former publisher of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, has been named the publisher at Philadelphia Media Network, overseeing the Inquirer, Daily News, and […]

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Newspaper Guild Accuses Lenfest of Stirring Trouble With Bonus Announcement

Gerry Lenfest was trying to stir trouble when he announced Wednesday that some — but not all — employees of Philadelphia Media Network will get […]

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Gerry Lenfest Awards $1,000 Bonuses to Philly Newspaper Workers*

Here’s the good news: If you work for the Inquirer, Daily News, or, Gerry Lenfest is going to give you $1,000. The not-so-thrilling news? […]

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Newspapers Offer Buyout to Older Inquirer, Daily News Workers

Philadelphia Media Network is trying to shed some of its longest-tenured employees — Newspaper Guild members with 25 years or more working for the Inquirer, Daily […]

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Stu Bykofsky’s Blog Suspended for Summer

A weekend blog post about immigration by Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky was removed from because it didn’t go through the correct editorial processes, […]