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Fletcher Cox

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Billy Davis, the ‘Predator’ And the 4-3 Under

Using some All-22 shots, we dive into scheme possibilities for new Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis. Which pieces on the current roster fit the plan going forward?

Birds 24/7

Fletcher Cox Selected To All-Rookie Team

Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox was selected to Pro Football Weekly/Pro Football Writers of America All-Rookie Team.

Cox led all rookie defensive tackles with 5 1/2 sacks this season. He also paced the Eagles defensive line with 65 total tackles, seven for a loss. According to the stats kept by the team, the former first-round pick finished with 24 hurries.

Here is the complete All-Rookie Team list:

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What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Eagles rookies get some love. Draft analysts look at who the Birds might target with the fourth pick. And an explanation of why the Eagles selected Daniel Te’o-Nesheim in the third round of the 2010 draft. Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles this week.

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Making Sense Of the Eagles’ Inactives

The following Eagles are inactive for today’s game against the Giants: Greg Salas, Chris Polk, Danny Watkins, Matt Kopa, Evan Moore, Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks.

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Eagles DL Production: Checking In On Graham, Curry

Philadelphia Eagles DE Brandon Graham.Coming off an outstanding performance in Week 15 against the Bengals, the Eagles’ defensive line was not nearly as impressive Sunday afternoon against the Redskins

The D-Line failed to sack Robert Griffin III, although the Eagles certainly pressured him at times. Alfred Morris had 91 yards rushing, but he needed 22 carries (4.1 YPC).

Once again, the defense got no help from the other two phases. Washington’s five scoring drives started at its own 28, its own 41, its own 47, midfield and the Eagles’ 25. This is nothing new. Opponents have dominated the Birds in terms of field position all year long.

Focusing back on the pass-rush, here’s a look at opportunities (from Pro Football Focus), sacks, hurries (as tracked by the coaching staff) and pressure percentage (frequency with which each player notched a sack or hurry).

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Cheat Sheet: 15 Things About Eagles-Redskins

From draft positioning to Brandon Graham’s performance, here are 15 things to know about the Eagles’ Week 16 matchup against the Redskins.

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Five Eagles Numbers That Matter

From DeMeco Ryans to Fletcher Cox to the national perspective on Andy Reid, here are five Eagles numbers that matter.

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All-22: How the Eagles Got Their Pass-Rush Going

Through the first 13 games, the Eagles’ defensive line had accounted for 20 sacks, or about 1.5 per contest.

Against the Bengals, Tommy Brasher’s groupsacked Andy Dalton six times and kept him uncomfortable all game long (13-for-27 for 127 yards). So what was different about the performance of the defensive line this time around? Here’s a look at all six sacks, using the All-22 shots.

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Eagles’ Youth Provides Ray Of Hope

Philadelphia Eagles running back Bryce BrownIf you are looking to take something positive out of this season (or at least for a way to ease your despair), focus on the Eagles’ youth.

An improbable 16 players have made their NFL debuts this season and nine have made their first NFL starts. Whether earning their position outright or forced into action by injury, eight rookies — Brandon Boykin, Bryce Brown, Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, Nick Foles,  Damaris Johnson, Dennis Kelly and Mychal Ke ndricks — have all played meaningful snaps. A few others (Chris Polk, Marvin McNutt, Ryan Rau) have had at least a taste of the action.

Here is a look at what some of them are in the process of accomplishing:

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Eagles DL Production: Cox, Cole And Graham In 2013?

The Eagles’ defensive line turned in its best performance of the season Thursday night against the Bengals.

Brandon Graham had a career game. Trent Cole looked like the old Trent Cole. Fletcher Cox continued an impressive rookie campaign. And guys like Cullen Jenkins and Cedric Thornton contributed as well.

In all, the defensive line combined for six sacks and eight hurries. Andy Dalton was under constant pressure and completed just 13 of 27 passes for 127 yards.

In a future post, we’ll break out the All-22 and look at why the Eagles defensive line was successful. But first, the player-by-player breakdown.

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Eagles Snap Counts: Brasher Tightens DL Rotation

From Brandon Graham to Vinny Curry to Bryce Brown, here’s a look at snap counts for the Eagles in Thursday night’s loss to the Bengals.

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All-22: What the ‘D’ Looked Like Without Washburn

From Mychal Kendricks to Fletcher Cox to Colt Anderson, here’s an All-22 look at what the Eagles’ defense looked like Sunday against the Bucs.

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Eagles DL Production: Success Without Washburn?

Sunday’s game against the Bucs was the Eagles’ first in two years without defensive line coach Jim Washburn and the wide-nine.

Tommy Brasher was hired on Monday and had three days of practice to switch up the Birds’ scheme up front. The Eagles struggled to get to Josh Freeman for much of the day, although the defense as a whole played better. Below is the player-by-player breakdown of sacks, hurries (tracked by the team’s coaches), opportunities (Pro Football Focus) and pressure percentage (frequency with with which each player notched a sack or hurry).

In the next couple of days, we’ll try to take a look at how the linemen were aligned up front with the All-22.

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Eagles Snap Counts: Dion Lewis Sees a Bump

Here’s a look at Eagles snap counts from Sunday’s win over the Bucs. We’ll go position-by-position.

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Instant Observations: Eagles 23, Bucs 21

Here are my instant observations from the Eagles’ 23-21 win over the Bucs.