Energy Hub


Sunoco Pipeline Project Breaks Ground in Pa. Towns

Construction work for the contentious Mariner East 2 natural gas liquid pipeline began on Monday, just a week after state officials issued final permits for […]


Philly Chamber of Commerce Report Pushes Gas Pipeline

The push to make Philadelphia America’s next energy hub continues. The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce this morning hosted an event, “Building the Nation’s Next […]


Philly As Energy Hub? Not So Fast Says New Environmental Group

While many are arguing that Philadelphia can transform into an energy hub that takes advantage of cheap gas from the Marcellus Shale, a new environmental group […]


Feds Urge Safety Upgrades for Oil Trains

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended “aggressive” safety upgrades to tank cars that carry oil and ethanol by rail, following a series of disasters […]


Is This Windwheel the Future of Urban Energy?

Note to the next Mayor: outsource all green initiatives to the Dutch. Why? They’re constantly creating green-tech solutions with urban application that will floor you, […]


Inside Take: How to Build a Bridge to Philadelphia’s Energy Future

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from a Citified insider.) The debate over the Philadelphia energy hub is the best test of whether Americans are […]


Philadelphia and the “Bomb Trains”

Over the weekend, 11 cars from an 111-car CSX train derailed in South Philly. The cars were carrying crude oil, but there were no leaks, […]


Energy Hub? No Thanks.

Yesterday was energy hub day on Citified. We took a stab at answering the question: “So what the hell is an energy hub anyway?” We […]


The Energy Hub Architect Talks Politics and Plausibility

Phil Rinaldi is the CEO of Philadelphia Energy Solutions, which runs the South Philly refinery. He’s also the public face of the campaign to make […]


“You Can’t Do It Safely.”

The prospect of a new Philadelphia Energy Hub is usually talked about in terms of the jobs it could create, a sort of giant economic […]


INSIDE TAKE: So. What the Hell Is an Energy Hub?

What the hell is an energy hub? You might think I’m sick of the question. But the truth is, the question is almost never asked. […]


In Depth on the Energy Hub

One of the premises of Citified is that there’s an audience in Philadelphia for deep dives into Big Stuff That Matters. The prospect that Philadelphia could […]


Philadelphia + a Pipeline (or Two) = America’s Next Energy Hub

About 1,400 miles from Philadelphia, at the northern edge of the Louisiana bayou, lies a spaghetti junction of steel tubing called Henry Hub, where 13 […]