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Eagles Day 2 Draft Cheat Sheet

The Eagles are scheduled to pick at No. 35 (second round) and No. 67 (third round) tonight.

The draft kicks off at 6:30, and once again, we’ll host a live chat. Obviously, the picks could change, depending on trades, so here’s a list of potential targets, broken down by position.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Five Options At No. 35

The Eagles landed offensive tackle Lane Johnson with the No. 4 pick.

But there’s still plenty of work to be done. Here are five options for Birds with the 35th pick, including a certain quarterback from West Virginia.

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Johnson Goes From Junior College To No. 4 Pick

When the Dolphins traded up to the No. 3 spot, Lane Johnson thought he was headed to Miami.

And he wasn’t the only one. Jake Long signed with St. Louis in free agency, and the Dolphins desperately needed an offensive tackle to protect Ryan Tannehill. But when Roger Goodell got to the podium to announce the No. 3 pick, the name that came out of his mouth was Oregon outside linebacker Dion Jordan.

“So after that took place, I knew I had a good vibe for Philly,” Johnson said. “After I got a phone call from a Pennsylvania number, I knew it was time.”

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Live Eagles/NFL Draft Chat: Round One

Join Tim and Sheil for a live chat during the first round of the NFL draft. They’ll be providing live updates from the NovaCare Complex.

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Eagles Draft Essentials: Picks, Times, Etc.

Some Eagles draft essentials for you to keep handy the next several days. Note that we’ll do our best to keep this post updated if they make trades.

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Mock Draft: Eagles Go With Floyd At No. 4

Because I needed to do something to kill the time between now and 8 p.m., here’s my one and only mock draft.

I’ll set the over/under on correct picks at seven.

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Eagles Draft Buzz: Trade Winds Blowing?

A roundup of Eagles-related draft buzz from today…

In what should come as no surprise, the Birds are one of the front-end teams making calls about potentially moving down in the first round. ESPN’s Adam Schefter identifies the Eagles (No. 4), Lions (No. 5), Browns (No. 6), Bills (No. 8) and Dolphins (No. 12) as teams looking to make a move.

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Day 2 Eagles Draft Targets: 15 Names To Know

We’ve discussed the Eagles’ first-round options quite a bit in this space.

But there’s plenty of talent to be found on Friday and Saturday too. The Birds currently have a pair of Day 2 picks: Nos. 35 (second round) and 67 (third round). They could acquire more if they trade down in the first round.

So here’s a list of 15 names to know. These are potential Round 2 or Round 3 options. Obviously, there’s plenty of guess-work involved since we don’t know who’s going to go in the first round, so consider this a starting point. I’m sure you all have names that I left off, so feel free to chime in with those in the comments section (as if you need any encouragement!).

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Checking In On Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox has learned quickly to get used to change.

He’s played 15 games as a pro and is already on his third defensive line coach, third defensive coordinator and second head coach.

Cox is surrounded by several new teammates as well.

“It’s different,” he said during last week’s mini-camp. “The first day I came back, no Cullen [Jenkins], no Darryl Tapp, no Mike P. [Patterson], none of those guys. So it felt kind of weird, but you’ve got to understand this is a business and things happen.”

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Draft Buzz: Mayock Releases Top-100 List

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock recently released his list of the top-100 prospects in the draft. Here are a few Eagles-related nuggets from his rankings.

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Draft Buzz: Falcons Looking To Trade Up

Last week, we looked at five teams that could be interested in trading up in the first round of next week’s draft.

But it looks like we should add one more to the mix: the Atlanta Falcons.

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Eagles Mock Draft Roundup

Geno Smith? Star Lotulelei? Dion Jordan? With the draft just eight days away, there are still a lot of names in the mix for the Eagles with the No. 4 pick. Here’s the latest mock draft roundup.

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Eagles Check Out USC WR, Tennessee QB

Add two more names to the Eagles’ official visit list. USC wide receiver Robert Woods and Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray have made their way to the NovaCare Complex, according to multiple reports.

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Roseman On Trade Options: ‘We’re Open To Anything’

When asked about potentially trading out of the No. 4 pick, Eagles GM Howie Roseman recalled a tale from the 2006 draft.

Charley Casserly told us a story that he had the first pick in the draft with Mario [Williams] and he called the Jets and he said to Mike [Tannenbaum], ‘What will you give me for the first pick in the draft?’ ” Roseman said. “And Mike said to him, ‘What will you trade me to take that pick?’ I think that was based on the salary structure at that time. It’s a lot different now. The cost is a lot different to move up a couple picks than it used to be.”

The conversation between the two GMs happened seven years ago, but it pertains to the chances of the Eagles trading down in this month’s draft. Before the 2011 CBA, teams were reluctant to trade up because of the salaries that top picks demanded. But now, with the rookie wage scale in place, moving up for top picks carries less risk.

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Draft Buzz: Eagles Linked To Star Lotulelei

Ten days to go until the draft that is expected to lay the foundation for the Chip Kelly era, and the buzz has ratcheted up a notch.

Here’s the latest buzz from around the league.