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Game Review: Eagles Defense Vs. Chargers Offense

Fletcher CoxIf you missed the game review on the Eagles’ offense, click here.

Here’s what we saw from the ‘D’ after having re-watched Sunday’s contest.

Birds 24/7

Instant Observations: Chargers 33, Eagles 30

Here are first-half observations from today’s Eagles-Chargers game.

Birds 24/7

Cheat Sheet: Eagles Defense Vs. Chargers Offense

Billy DavisIf you missed the first cheat sheet, click here. Below are 10 things to know about how the Eagles’ defense matches up with the Chargers’ offense.

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All-22: Davis Brings the Blitz Back To Eagles’ D

ryans2_091313Not all blitzes are created equal. That much was evident when reviewing how Billy Davis made calls in his debut as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator last week.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Birds sent five rushers or more at Robert Griffin 22 times. On those plays, he went 9-for-20 for 78 yards, an interception and was sacked twice. Keep in mind, as a rookie, Griffin completed 69 percent of his attempts against the blitz, throwing nine touchdowns and no interceptions, per Stats, Inc.

Last year, according to Football Outsiders, the Eagles rushed four 77.8 percent of the time, tops in the league. But that number is going to take a dip in 2013.

“The scheme is built to where any member of the defense can be blitzing at any given time,” Davis said. “We have blitzes for every position – corners, safeties, nickels, dimes, mike backers. Anybody can be a blitzer. Either through an active call or a check.”

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Game Review: Eagles Defense Vs. Redskins Offense

Mychal Kendricks 1If you missed the offense, click here. Below is the position-by-position review of the Eagles’ defensive performance against the Redskins, after having re-watched the game.

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Cheat Sheet: Eagles Defense Vs. Redskins Offense

Mychal KendricksHere are 10 things to know about how the Eagles’ defense matches up with the Redskins’ offense.

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Ten Eagles Numbers That Matter

0V3J9207From the Eagles’ use of multiple tight ends to expectations for DeSean Jackson, here are 10 numbers that matter.

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No-22: How Barwin’s Finding Success In Different Roles

When Chip Kelly introduced James Casey back in March, he described the tight end as “a new toy” who could line up in various spots in his offense.

He didn’t use the same terminology when the Eagles signed outside linebacker Connor Barwin, but really, that’s what Kelly was giving Billy Davis on the defensive side of the ball.

Much of the talk around Barwin has been about how his sack total dropped from 11.5 in 2011 to just 3.0 in 2012. But the truth is Barwin’s versatility is what the Eagles found most attractive when they brought him on board. Moving from a Wide-9 4-3 to a 3-4, they needed an outside linebacker equipped to handle a number of different responsibilities. And that’s what they got in Barwin.

Already this preseason, the 26-year-old is being used in a variety of ways. And against Jacksonville, he showed some play-making chops with an interception and a sack in the first half.

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Eagles-Jaguars Game Review: The Defense

Here’s a position-by-position review of the Eagles’ defense, after having re-watched Saturday night’s game against the Jaguars.

Birds 24/7

Eagles-Panthers Game Review: The Defense

A position-by-position review of the Eagles’ defensive performance against the Panthers, after having reviewed the game.

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Similar Approach, Different Results For Defense

0V3J8893Defensive coordinator Billy Davis said that his game plan for the Panthers was “pretty much the same” one that he put together for the Patriots the week before. Same techniques, same principles, same basic calls. It was just the results that were different.

A unit that surrendered 248 rushing yards (8.0 average) to the Patriots in the preseason opener limited Carolina to just 74 rushing yards on 25 attempts (3.0 average) Thursday night. The first unit yielded just a pair of field goals in the Eagles’ 14-9 win.

“It was so new, the scheme was so new,” said Davis of the first preseason game. “Everybody wanted to do well so bad. I think we pressed a little bit. Tonight felt a lot more relaxed, guys just taking care of their job more than anything.”

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: LB Training Camp Preview

Will the new scheme free up Mychal Kendricks? How will Trent Cole and Brandon Graham fit? Our training camp preview series rolls on.

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The Most Indispensable Eagle

Who is the most indispensable player on the Eagles’ roster? LeSean McCoy? Jason Peters? Fletcher Cox? We take a look.

Birds 24/7

Three Things We Learned About the Eagles’ Defense

From new roles for Trent Cole and Brandon Graham to the changes for safeties and linebackers, here are three things we learned about the Eagles’ defense this spring.

Birds 24/7

All-22: Examining Connor Barwin’s Role And Skill Set

Part of my contribution for this year’s Eagles Almanac (pre-order here!) focuses on the defense, and specifically Connor Barwin.

So I’ve been looking at quite a bit of All-22 over the past few days and have been surprised by some of the skills that Barwin brings to the table.

Barwin had 11.5 sacks during the 2011 regular season. Is he ever going to reach that mark again? If I had to bet my life savings (about 27 dollars, as of this afternoon), I’d say no. He only has 7.5 sacks in his other 37 career games (playoffs included).

But because of Barwin’s versatility, it’s easy to see why Howie Roseman, Chip Kelly and Billy Davis felt he could be a fit in this defense.