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Chris Polk

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Twitter Mailbag: Biggest Surprises Of Camp

Vinny CurryWhich players have exceeded expectations? How is Vinny Curry doing? And which receivers will make the team? We explore in the latest mailbag.

Birds 24/7

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Three Things We’ve Learned At Camp

Chris PolkThe Eagles will have a walk-through today with the Patriots, but for all intents and purposes, the first wave of training camp is over.

Eleven full-squad practices, each running a little more than two hours. That means plenty of film for the coaches to evaluate as they prepare for Friday night’s preseason game.

Keeping that in mind, here are three things we’ve learned so far on the practice fields.

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Which Eagles Will Make the Second-Year Leap?

Hang around enough NFL coaches and players in the offseason, and you’re sure to hear about the second-year leap.

The theory goes like this: Rookies need time to adjust to several different factors. The structure and rules associated with a college program are gone. They are on their own, away from friends and family. And they are earning (legal) paychecks.

Add in the speed and talent associated with the pro game, and it’s clear life in the NFL requires an adjustment period.

That’s why the offseason from Year 1 to Year 2 is considered crucial. Initial questions have been answered, and expectations have been set. Second-year players can focus more on just on-field improvement.

“It’s already easier,” said linebacker Mychal Kendricks during mini-camps. “It’s crazy, knowing the formations and knowing the count without even having to look.

“Everything slows down the second year. It’s crazy, I can’t explain it.”

We’ve spent plenty of time talking about the Eagles’ new additions, and Tim covered the rookies a couple days ago. But below is a look at the second-year players and where they stand going into camp.

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Projected Depth Chart: Eagles’ Offense

We went over the defense yesterday.

Here is the projected depth chart for the Eagles’ offense, based on what we saw during spring practices. Explanations below.

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Polk: ‘I Didn’t Come To This League To Be a Cheerleader’

Philadelphia Eagles running back Chris Polk.When Chris Polk watched tape last year, he didn’t like what he saw.

“I saw myself on film, like man I don’t look too good, especially with those tight-fitting jerseys,” Polk said. “I’ve got to shed a few pounds.”

And so he did.

Polk said he has dropped 15 pounds this offseason and is currently practicing at 215.

“That’s where I want to be at, especially with this high-paced offense,” Polk said. “You’ve got to make people miss and run in space, catch it. You’ve got to have your wind. So it was the best thing to really fit this scheme, get down lighter, be faster, get your wind up.”

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Eagles Depth Chart Outlook: Running Back

Our depth chart outlook series continues with a look at the Eagles’ running backs.

“There’s so much you have to look at where sometimes a big hole might just happen from guys being out of place,” said LeSean McCoy. “The backs we have here, you don’t even need that much room to get going.”

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Making Sense Of the Eagles’ Inactives

The following players are inactive for the Eagles’ NFC East matchup against the Cowboys: Trent Edwards, Mardy Gilyard, Chris Polk, Danny Watkins, Nate Menkin, Vinny Curry and Phillip Hunt.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Trade Deadline Approaches

Philadelphia Eagles running back Dion Lewis.The NFL trade deadline will likely come and go today at 4 p.m. (EST) without much of a splash.

What are the chances the Eagles make a deal?

The answer is probably slim, but don’t rule out the possibility altogether.

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Eagles Rookie Progress Report

Today seems like a good day to check in on the progress of the Eagles’ rookie class. Here’s a player-by-player rundown.

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Making Sense Of the Eagles’ Inactives

The following Eagles are inactive for today’s 1 p.m. game against the Lions: Trent Edwards, Damaris Johnson, Dion Lewis, Jamar Chaney, Steve Vallos, Nate Menkin and Vinny Curry.

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Making Sense Of the Eagles’ Inactives

The following Eagles are inactive for today’s 1 p.m. game against the Steelers: Trent Edwards, Riley Cooper, Chris Polk, Akeem Jordan, Steve Vallos, Nate Menkin and Vinny Curry.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Brown, Graham Move Up Depth Chart

Philadelphia Eagles running back Bryce BrownHeading into Week 4’s matchup against the New York Giants, the Eagles have made a couple slight adjustments to their depth chart.

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Polk Thought He Was a Goner

Philadelphia Eagles running back Chris Polk.When Chris Polk saw the number on his phone, he figured his time in Philadelphia was up.

The Eagles running back sat around and waited Friday. He couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. He made sure he had his ringer on loud.

About 16 hours earlier, Polk was in the end zone, celebrating a 3-yard touchdown in the Eagles’ final preseason game against the Jets. Now, he was waiting to find out if it was time to turn in his playbook.

“It didn’t ring until Coach Duce [Staley] called me from his office phone, which I didn’t have stored,” Polk said. “It’s a 2-1-5 number, so I was like ‘Oh man, I’m cut.’ I waited until the last ring to actually answer it.”

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Counting On Brown?

Philadelphia Eagles running back Bryce BrownThis little piece of news kind of slipped through the cracks with everything else going on the last few days: Andy Reid said he didn’t play Dion Lewis against the Jets because of injury Thursday.

“Dion, I don’t think Dion’s really 100 percent yet,” said Reid.  “That’s why I held him and [LB Jamar] Chaney out. I just didn’t feel comfortable playing them.”

With the regular season officially upon us, this is something to pay attention to. Lewis, who was not listed on the injury report by Reid heading into the game, has been dealing with a hamstring injury on and off this preseason.

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Eagles Offense: How the Pieces Fit

Philadelphia Eagles running back Chris Polk.Here’s a position-by-position analysis of the Eagles’ offense, as the roster currently stands.