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Cheu Noodle Bar


More Time To Cheu

Cheu Noodle Bar is extending its hours and will now be open seven days a week. Also new, Cheu is extending its lunch service by […]


Cheu Noodle Bar Hosts Ramen Burger Pop-Up

Cheu Noodle Bar is hosting a ramen burger pop-up on Tuesday, September 24th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Dubbed McCheu, all sandwiches sold that […]


Cheu Noodle Bar Prepares for Night Market

Ben Puchowitz has 2,000 chicken wings ready in preparation for tomorrow night’s Night Market on South Street. Cheu Noodle Bar will be just one of […]


Naked Dumplings At Cheu Noodle Bar

Unclothed dumplings from Ben Puchowitz. ~@chefbennyp


Cheu Noodle Bar Kicking Off a Pop-Up Series

Cheu Noodle Bar is kicking off a series of pop-up collaborations on Tuesday, August 6th. For the first event Ben Puchowitz is working with Scott […]


Cheu Noodle Bar: Where Noodles are Just Where the Weirdness Starts

Matyson chef Ben Puchowitz’s Cheu Noodle Bar with partner Shawn Darragh pumps out a sometimes schizophrenic smorgasbord where, surprisingly, noodles won’t be what keeps you […]


Cheu Noodle and Hop Sing Join Forces for Alla Spina’s Industry Night

Tonight is another edition of the Alla Spina Industry Night. This month features Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh of Cheu Noodle Bar providing their take […]

City Life

Philadelphia Restaurant Review: the Deliciously Eclectic Cheu Noodle Bar

Some restaurants are just what they seem, no more and no less. They send out fajitas and margarita pitchers with mariachi bands, or 24-ounce porterhouses […]


Cheu Noodle Bar Working Up A(nother) New Menu

Chef Ben Puchowitz is not exactly a man who sits around doing nothing. At Matyson, he’s pumped out hundreds of different tasting menus–one every week […]


Annotated Menu: Cheu Noodle Bar

Cheu Noodle Bar can begin selling alcohol today. Here’s what food you should order to go with that can of beer. View Cheu Noodle Bar […]


Cheu Noodle Bar Drops Another New Menu–And A Mission Statement

So for those of you already accustomed to the pace of change at Cheu Noodle Bar, this will come as no surprise, but chef Ben […]


This Is Where Soup Comes From

“The beginning of ramen broth @cheunoodlebar” #That’llDoPig ~@roundeyeguy


Cheu Noodle Bar Updates Menu

Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh have released the first update to the Cheu Noodle Bar menu since the noodle hot spot opened on April 1st. […]


First Bite: Cheu Noodle Bar

Cheu Noodle Bar–the TOTALLY not-a-ramen-bar from Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh–opened yesterday at 3pm at 10th and Locust, and we were there about 3:30 to […]


Cheu Noodle Bar Opens at 3 PM Today

“Time to go open up a restaurant!” – Ben Puchowitz this morning as he prepares for the 3 p.m. opening of Cheu Noodle Bar.