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Catholic Church

City Life

Philly’s Last Catholic Church Bust

I’m sure the apology is coming any day now, though I don’t think she’s holding her breath. Back in 2002, Lynne Abraham started noticing reports […]

City Life

Catholic Guilt

There it is, on page 19 of the grand jury report released last month about sexual abuse in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Back in the spring […]

City Life

The Catholic Church Says No

There is no way out. Not in this life. That’s what I kept hearing. Again and again. Maybe this was worse, over time, worse even […]

City Life

Sainthood for Pope John Paul II? Not a Prayer!

Who could forget that chilling seen in Jaws when Mrs. Kintner, whose young son had just been killed by the shark, approached Chief Brody and […]

City Life

Sins of the Father

In 2009, Philly Mag chronicled the story of Father Charles Newman, the former head of Archbishop Ryan, the largest Catholic school in the city. Newman […]

City Life

The Catholic Church Money Grab

As a product of Catholic school, I remember the nuns drilling into our heads a simple but extremely important concept: WWJD — What Would Jesus […]