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Kelly Knew What He Was Getting In Cary Williams

Chip KellyLet the record show that one of Chip Kelly‘s first decisions as head coach of the Eagles was to sign Cary Williams to a three-year, $17 million contract.

The deal has upwards of $10.5 million in guaranteed cash (The $4.75 million base in 2014 reportedly becomes guaranteed on the fifth day of that league year.)

Kelly knew he wasn’t buying the services of a “yes” man  or a choir boy with that money. He was getting an edgy, hot-tempered corner that would essentially serve as the anti-Nnamdi (even if Williams said he modeled himself after the Raiders version of Asomugha at his introductory press conference). The team needed players in this secondary that wanted to hit people; they needed to extract the soft and fill in the holes with concrete.

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Cary Williams: Nobody Fears Us

JJF_8162.jpgCary Williams says that the Patriots came into the joint practices with the Eagles talking trash. He claims that they were doing some “dirty things” on the field. And he didn’t want them to get away with it. Not in the Eagles’ back yard. So he got in a dust-up with rookie receiver Aaron Dobson when the teams went head-up during Tuesday’s practice, and was promptly removed from the session by head coach Chip Kelly.

“They came in there talking. They had a lot of jokes and he-hes and laughs. A lot of dirty plays going on,” said Williams, who returned from a hamstring injury Sunday. “There was a reason behind what I did. There was a reason behind the madness. At the end of the day I still have to do things the way coach wants me to do it, and I understand thatbut it definitely would have been a different situation if it was Baltimore. It wouldn’t have been a fun practice for the Patriots, I’ll tell you that.”

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Camp Notes: Secondary, Minus Williams Again, Gets Lit Up

Another day, another practice without Cary Williams.

The veteran corner took the field with his teammates at the start of the session, and even provided a mini-highlight early on when he broke up a Tom Brady pass in the corner of the end zone during one-on-one drills. But moments later his pads were off and he was working off to the side once again, as the hamstring that he tweaked on the first day of camp flared up on him.

On Tuesday, it was not the injury but rather his behavior that forced him to the sidelines. Chip Kelly and Bill Belichick agreed that any extra-curriculars during these joint practices would result in ejection. Williams promptly got into it with rookie receiver Aaron Dobson and was tossed.

Between that, the injury, and his decision to miss a good chunk of the OTAs, you’re talking about a lot of missed time.

Is he doing everything in his power to get onto the field?

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Williams Calls Cooper’s Words ‘Tough Pill To Swallow’

Cary Williams sat in a chair in the media relations office, elbows on his knees, head down, the brim of his hat down near his eyes. Little eye contact as he sifted through the various emotions that have been aroused over the last 24 hours.

“It’s not my place to cast judgment down on him because I’ve done wrong, I’ve said some wrong things, and that’s just part of the learning process, part of growing up and becoming a man,” said Williams following Thursday’s practice. “But the most important thing is he was able to stand up to his wrong-doing, he was able to admit, and he is going to take the consequences as they come.”

Then, the next wave.

“It’s a tough pill to swallow because you have this perception of a guy and I don’t know if it necessarily changes the perception of him, but it definitely puts a damper to my spirits at least as to what type of person he is.I’m more cautious now to approach him. I don’t know what he does in his free time because I haven’t hung out with him, but as far as like in the locker room he seemed like a pretty cool dude. He didn’t seem like a racist. I think he just made a mistake.”

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: CB Training Camp Preview

Did the Eagles do enough to upgrade at cornerback? What’s Brandon Boykin’s ceiling? Our training camp preview series continues.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: New Brand Of Ball At Corner

Your favorite former cornerback tandem has been in the news lately. Nnamdi Asomugha for marrying actress Kerry Washington. (God bless him.) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for acting like Denver was the first coaching staff to ever point out his flaws.

It’s still hard to fathom how  a duo with so much talent and four Pro Bowls between them struggled as much as they did while in Philadelphia. After two disappointing seasons both darted west — Asomugha to the Niners and DRC to the Broncos.

Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams are the favorites to fill their spots. They have zero combined Pro Bowl appearances. Where Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie were both taken in the first round of their respective drafts, Fletcher was chosen in the third round and Williams the seventh. In terms of stature, the talent coming in does not match the talent going out.

But we’ve seen how far stature gets you in this league.

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Weekend Reading: On Bryce Brown, Cary Williams

Some weekend reading for your enjoyment, including links on running back Bryce Brown and cornerback Cary Williams.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Three Leftovers

From Michael Vick rehabbing his image to Jeremy Maclin’s contract to Cary Williams’ former teammates, here are three Eagles leftovers.

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Three Eagles Numbers That Matter

From Cary Williams’ cover skills to Nick Foles’ ball security, here are three Eagles numbers that matter.

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Cary Williams: ‘Fans, I Love You All, But Please’

Cary Williams‘ session with reporters following Tuesday’s minicamp practice did not disappoint. His decision to to skip another voluntary OTA to attend his daughter’s dance recital last week drew some attention, mostly because he had just returned from a month-long absence.

Williams was blunt and unapologetic during a back and forth with the media outside the NovaCare Complex that lasted nearly 20 minutes.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: What We’re Watching At Mini-Camp

The Eagles take the field today for the start of a three-day mandatory mini-camp at the NovaCare Complex. We’ll have it all covered with practice observations, interviews with players and more.

The session begins today at 12:40, but in the meantime, here are three things we’ll be watching.

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DeSean Sidelined; Williams Absent Again

DeSean Jackson sat out practice Friday with an ankle injury.

The receiver was on the field with his teammates at the start of the session, but wore a visor instead of a helmet and was purely a spectator.

Kenny Phillips is about to become a new dad and was not at practice. A team spokesman seemed to think that the safety, who has been sidelined with knee issues, would have participated in practice otherwise. But who knows.

Meanwhile, Cary Williams was once again a no-show. The corner missed about a month of work as he took care of some personal business, which included getting married, having dental work done and tending to a house-build. The latest reason? His daughter’s recital.

LeSean McCoy was absent as well. The Eagles did not give an explanation. Todd Herremans was in attendance but did not participate. No details were provided.

Jason Peters continues to be absent for personal reasons.

These OTAs are voluntary. There is a mandatory minicamp coming up that runs June 4-6.

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Cary Williams Behind, But Predicts ‘Cream Will Rise To the Top’

With Cary Williams missing a good chunk of these OTAs, cornerback Curtis Marsh has been running with first team opposite Bradley Fletcher. Now that Williams is back, the assumption was that he would supplant Marsh at right corner. On Tuesday, though, that was not the case — Marsh was still with the ones.

Williams strongly recommended that the media not make too much of it.

“If you guys look into that situation outside, I think that’s an issue,” said Williams. “It’s not an issue to me.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: What We’re Watching At OTAs

Another practice session open to the media today. Here are three things we’ll be keeping an eye on down at the NovaCare Complex.

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Three Eagles Numbers That Matter

From Chip Kelly’s success in the red zone to Mychal Kendricks’ tackling issues, here are three Eagles numbers that matter.