Weekend Reading: On Bryce Brown, Cary Williams

A couple links to pass on this weekend.

First, Evan Silva of Rotoworld.com has a good write-up on Bryce Brown. Silva watched all of Brown’s touches from Week 11 on last season. He came to the conclusion that the second-year back needs to avoid bouncing so many runs to the outside:

I also thought Brown demonstrated some nifty footwork — particularly on upfield cutbacks — but there was limited wiggle to his game. He doesn’t try to make defenders miss with lateral jukes or shake and bake. If Chip Kelly’s Eagles get Brown to perform more professionally — running within offensive design and becoming ball secure — he will be an ideal complement to shifty, elusive starter LeSean McCoy. And I think Brown could be an every-down sustainer if McCoy went down again.

I agree with Silva. Given Brown’s lack of experience at the college level, he should really benefit from more coaching in the NFL. He flashed great potential as a rookie and figures to play an important role in Chip Kelly’s offense.

Meanwhile, Alen Dumonjic of The Score looked at the tape and came to the conclusion that Cary Williams will be a nice fit for the Eagles:

Williams will add a level of physicality that the team has lacked since it lost stud safety Brian Dawkins and linebacker Jeremiah Trotter in 2009.

He’ll also bring aggressiveness downhill that turns into quality ball-skills when he’s able to play off-man coverage on wide receivers. He is better in off-man coverage than press-man because he’s a high-cut athlete, suffering from a lengthy frame that makes it difficult for him to get in and out of his cuts quickly. It’s why when he’s able to play off the opposition and watch the route unfold in front of his eyes instead of breaking abruptly, and he can make moves quickly while tracking the football.

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