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Bill Cosby

City Life

Betty White Adopts an Owl for Bill Cosby’s 75th Birthday

Philly funnyman Bill Cosby (who didn’t win the 2012 Home Run Derby, in case you were wondering) turns 75 on Thursday. In honor of Cosby’s […]

City Life

At Least 21 People Think Bill Cosby Will Win the 2012 Home Run Derby

ESPN created a Facebook poll asking people to vote for who they believed would win Monday’s 2012 Home Run Derby. A write-in option was included […]

City Life

Bill Cosby’s Commencement Address to Temple’s Graduating Class of 2012

Dr. Bill Cosby delivered today’s commencement address to Temple University’s 2012 graduating class. He touches on the troubles facing young people entering today’s work force, […]

City Life

“Cosby Threw Me on the Bed”

In 2005, a young Canadian woman who’d met Bill Cosby in Philadelphia through Temple University accused him of drugging her and then, when she was […]