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Bernie Sanders

City Life

Will Dems Oust DNC Chair Over Sanders Feud?

Democrats on Capitol Hill are discussing the possible removal of current Democratic National Convention chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Hill reports that Florida Rep. Wasserman […]

City Life

WATCH: Sanders Says Democratic Convention in Philadelphia Could Get “Messy”

Bernie Sanders is expecting Philly to Bern, baby, Bern. The Vermont senator said Monday that he expects the Democratic National Convention to get “messy” and that “democracy is not […]

Bernie Sanders - Solidarity is Power
City Life

Could Sanders’ Continued Fight Mean Chaos for the Philly DNC in July?

A month ago, Republicans looked primed to have a contentious summer political convention. There were still multiple candidates in the race for president. Donald Trump was […]

City Life

Philly Couple Debuts Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Candy

Ah, good old American ingenuity. It brought us the Macintosh computer, the Roomba, and proton therapy. And now, Candidate Candy.

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Ed Rendell: I Didn’t Say Bernie Sanders Supporters Need to Behave Themselves

Ed Rendell took to Facebook on Monday to say his comments on a Sunday radio show, saying that Bernie Sanders supporters need to “behave” at […]

Bernie Sanders - Atlantic City
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Bernie on the Boardwalk: Sanders Bashes Trump at Atlantic City Rally

In the building where Donald Trump once held Mike Tyson prizefights and World Wrestling Federation world championship matches, Bernie Sanders spoke before a crowd in […]

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Bernie Sanders Is Coming to New Jersey

New Jersey voters will weigh in on the Democratic presidential primary in a month, and Bernie Sanders is bringing his campaign to the state this […]


What’s Next for John Fetterman?

I texted my girlfriend while working on an election story Tuesday night. “Who’d you vote for in the Senate race?” I asked her. Her reply […]

City Life

Sorry, Donald Trump, But the “Woman Card” Doesn’t Exist

Almost immediately after all but securing the Republican nomination Tuesday night, Donald Trump attempted to explain Hillary Clinton’s impressive four-state win. “Frankly, if Hillary Clinton […]


Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders Is Wrong About the Soda Tax

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from guest writer Randi Weingarten, written in response to an op-ed by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. Weingarten is […]


Only One Philly Ward Liked Both Obama and Bernie

Here’s a strange nugget from yesterday’s primary results: 6 out of the 7 wards* where a majority of voters cast ballots for Bernie Sanders … went for Hillary Clinton back in 2008. […]

City Life

Here’s Hillary Clinton’s Philly Victory Speech

Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania Primary on Tuesday, and she took her victory lap at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, flanked by the Pennsylvania politicians who’ve been flanking her all […]


There Are Perfectly Logical Reasons Why That Voting Machine Won’t Take a Bernie Sanders Vote

There’s a video making the rounds on social media right now that purports to show a Pennsylvania voting machine that refuses to take a vote […]

City Life

Bernie Sanders at Drexel: “If You Come Out to Vote, We’re Going to Win in Pennsylvania”

In the waning hours of Monday evening, as voters prepared to cast their ballots in Tuesday’s primary, Bernie Sanders held the final rally of his […]


Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Vote Today

Happy Election Day! Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. A lot is on the line today in Philadelphia. By voting, you could help decide […]