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Baby Boomers

City Life

Philly Is a Boomer Town (Still)

Among Philly’s power elite, baby boomers — not to mention white dudes — still dominate. Here’s the generational breakdown of the region’s political, Fortune 500 […]


How to Make Your Offices Friendly for Boomers and Millennials

This is a Biz Philly guest column. Recently, Matt Burns, CEO and president of Burns Engineering, embarked on a move to new headquarters at 20th […]


Baby Boomers, Not Techie Millennials, Most Likely to Start Businesses

Our perception of life after 65 has changed drastically in the last 30 years, with only 14 percent of baby boomers viewing retirement as a time […]

City Life

Is Feminism Dead? Two Philadelphia Millennials Weigh In

Our baby boomer reporter chats women’s rights and labels with Layla Jones, 21, a Web content producer, and Janan McCormick, 23, a nurse. PM: Do […]


RealtyTrac Heat Map Reveals Where Millennials and Baby Boomers Are Going

Which counties are seeing an influx of millennials? Which are seeing rapid emigration? And where the heck are baby boomers going? RealtyTrac’s latest report answers […]

City Life

Gen Y to Boomers: You Taught Us to Be “Flaky Dreamers”

Bitching about an up-and-coming generation is nothing new. And now it’s Gen Y’s turn to bear the brunt of the complaining. We have been dubbed […]

City Life

Baby Boomers: Five Reasons They Are Our Worst Generation

Wow, so it looks like we have a budget deal in Washington. A debt ceiling and spending crisis has been averted. It’s good news. But […]

City Life

Only One Third of Center City Workers Drive to Their Jobs

Looks like millennials aren’t the only ones driving less these days—at least in Center City. According to a survey from the Center City District, just […]

City Life

7 Great Rolling Stones Moments in Philly

Not only are the Stones back in town, but Michael Nutter has officially declared it “Rolling Stones Week.” We suggest hiding your daughters, then reliving […]

City Life

Main Line Gossip: “She’s Had Work Done”

  “She’s had work done.” I recently heard this, whispered sotto voce by the Main Line mavens sitting at the table next to me at […]

City Life

John Kerry’s Easy Confirmation Signals Waning of the Baby Boomers

When I first heard that President Obama was considering nominating John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, I figured, oh great, we […]

City Life

Why Millennial Men Aren’t in the Driver’s Seat

I’ve never really gotten the car-cult thing. So far in my auto-owning life, I’ve had a Nissan, a Jeep, a Subaru, a Mercury, two minivans […]

City Life

How Philly Can Keep Millennials in the City After They Have Kids

You may have noticed, but American cities are currently in the midst of a population renaissance. As my generation continues to ditch its cars and […]

City Life

What Will We Do With Poor Grandma?

Earlier this month, my wife and I took my grandmother out to lunch for her 89th birthday. “Mom-mom Rose” has lived on the same tidy […]

City Life

Why Women Really Get Botox

Here’s something a lot of young people don’t know: When middle-aged women get plastic surgery, they’re not trying to look younger; they’re trying to look […]