Philly Is a Boomer Town (Still)

The generational breakdown of the region’s elite figures.

From left: Bob Brady, 72; Amy Gutmann, 68; and Tom Wolf, 69. Photography courtesy of the subjects

Among Philly’s power elite, baby boomers — not to mention white dudes — still dominate. Here’s the generational breakdown of the region’s political, Fortune 500 and nonprofit chieftains.


Alan Miller, Universal Health Services CEO, 80
Bob Brady, U.S. Congressman, 72
Dennis Glass, Lincoln Financial CEO, 69
Tom Wolf, Governor, 69
Amy Gutmann, Penn president, 68
Stephen Klasko, Jefferson president, 64
Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup CEO, 64
Dwight Evans, U.S. Congressman, 63
John L. Walsh, UGI CEO, 62
Pat Meehan, U.S. Congressman, 62
Jewell Williams, Sheriff, 60
Jim Kenney, Mayor, 59
Eric Foss, Aramark CEO, 59
Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO, 58
Douglas C. Yearley Jr., Toll Brothers CEO, 57
Bob Casey, U.S. senator, 57
John Fry, Drexel president, 57
Steven Collis, AmerisourceBergen CEO, 56
Larry Krasner, DA, 56
Pat Toomey, U.S. senator, 56
Pascal Vinet, Airgas CEO, 55
Timothy Donahue, Crown Holdings CEO, 54

From left: Brian Fitzpatrick, 44; Rebecca Rhynhart, 43; and Brendan Boyle, 40. Photography courtesy of the subjects

Gen Xers

Brian Fitzpatrick, U.S. Congressman, 44
Rebecca Rhynhart, City controller, 43
Ryan Costello, U.S. Congressman, 41
Brendan Boyle, U.S. Congressman, 40

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Published in the February 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.