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Asante Samuel

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Asante Blasts Reid, Taunts Eagles After Falcons Win

Asante Samuel, as you might imagine, was in his glory following Sunday’s game.

The Eagles’ secondary struggled, the defense was picked apart and his Falcons delivered a damaging blow to Andy Reid.

“Man, it felt great — in front of all my fans that love me!” Samuel barked. “The best team after the bye week is us. It just felt good. That was a good ol’ fashioned ass-whoopin’ right there.”

Birds 24/7

Cheat Sheet: Eagles’ Offense Vs. Falcons’ Defense

Here are 10 things to know about how the Eagles’ offense matches up with the Falcons’ defense. If you missed the first cheat sheet, click here.

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Twitter Mailbag: On Peters, Asante And Safety Depth

Every Thursday we select a few of your Twitter questions and provide the long-form answers they deserve. For a chance to have your question published on Birds 24/7, send it to @Tim_McManus.

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Asante: Eagles Didn’t Want To Trade Me To Falcons

The Eagles’ offseason trade of Asante Samuel was complex for a few different reasons – most of all, because of Samuel’s contract.

The veteran cornerback had to restructure his deal with any team that wanted to trade for him, so in reality, it was almost like he was a free agent picking his destination. If the Eagles found a trading partner that was willing to offer up acceptable compensation, the call was still pretty much Samuel’s. No team in the league was going to trade for him and pay his original salary from the Eagles contract.

“It was a joint thing,” Samuel said, per the Falcons’ web site. “It was something we all had to agree on together. I had other choices that I was not going to pick. Atlanta was the place I wanted to come. They tried to not let me come to Atlanta of course, but we got it done. We got it done.”

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: DRC On Asante

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Asante Samuel are cut from the same cloth in a lot of ways. Both Florida boys. Both cornerbacks, obviously. Both funny, eccentric. Both playmakers.

In another set of circumstances, it would be no surprise if the two ended up being good friends. But the situation last year had the two prideful vets pitted against one another to a degree.

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Asante Takes Jab At Reid Over Castillo Firing

One person who voiced his opinion publicly soon after the Eagles announced Juan Castillo’s firing was Asante Samuel.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Examining the Vick Theories

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickThe most recent Michael Vick injury has brought about several theories and opinions about what exactly is going on with the Eagles starting quarterback.

Here are some arguments I’ve heard, along with thoughts on what’s valid, and what’s not.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: Rough Night For Asante

Last summer, when Asante Samuel thought he might get traded, he responded by telling reporters that perhaps the Eagles no longer needed his “play-making ability.”

The veteran cornerback, now with the Falcons, prides himself on reading quarterbacks and coming up with interceptions. His 45 picks rank fourth on the active list.

But in last night’s preseason game, the Bengals took advantage of Samuel, as wide receiver A.J. Green beat him with a double-move and hauled in a 50-yard touchdown from Andy Dalton.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: DeSean Honored To Play For Reid

Today, we cover the Andy Reid – DeSean Jackson relationship, Asante Samuel’s latest interview and the Eagles’ Super Bowl odds.

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Asante: Things Went Downhill After I Left

From an entertainment standpoint, Asante Samuel’s presence at Lehigh is sorely missed.

Many of us had gotten used to his constant back-and-forth with wide receivers coach David Culley during one-on-one wide receiver/cornerback drills. And the way he led the defensive backs in a “Get money!” chant at the end of practice, while other positional groups went with more conventional phrases like “Hard work!”

And even though Samuel is now down in Atlanta with the Falcons, he’s going to get plenty of questions about his time here with the Birds.