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Here’s Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Sixers Watch Party

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The big game is only as big as your TV. Whether you’re a hardcore Sixers fan or just looking for an excuse to munch on nachos, basketball is more fun when the roar of the crowd fills the room and Embiid’s dunks are conveyed with seamless clarity, all while the perfect party goes off without a hitch. So, to help you get the most out of basketball season this year, here’s your complete guide to the pieces of equipment—from Sony OLED TVs to smart home tech—you’ll need to transport all the thrill of the game right into your own home.


OLED TVs offer a lot of advantages, from high speeds to deep blacks to flawless viewing from many angles, which means that you won’t ever miss any of the game’s intensity. The product of choice here is Sony’s A9G Master Series, an insider’s television designed to approach the quality of monitors used in professional film studios. Features like Motionflow XR technology and a 120Hz refresh rate deliver each frame of action so clearly you’ll have a leg up on the refs when reviewing the play, while IMAX and Pixel Contrast Booster technology will help you see that Sixers red, white and blue like you never have before.

App Control

A good host has full control over their party, and what better way to manage the mood than with exacting control of your smart home? Coordinate your different smart home gadgets with a single device for easy and intuitive party management. You won’t have to compromise on the quality of your electronics or search for obscure devices—companies like Sony offer high-end audio and visual products that are smart home compatible. Set the shades to the exact right level to avoid glares on the screen. Make sure every song in your pre-game playlist has just the right amount of bass and just the right volume. You can even turn down the temperature a notch when overtime has you sweating.

4K Projector

The biggest games deserve to be watched with as much care as any Hollywood classic or Oscar-winning drama. That’s where a Sony 4K projector comes in. 4K resolution provides 8.8. million pixels for lifelike clarity, a standard set by the Digital Cinema Initiative for theater distribution, which means it’s the best way to build a home movie theater. But 4K resolution alone is just the start—picture quality is determined by a number of factors. Look for high dynamic range, or HDR, to confirm that you’ll get colors that pop. Just like OLED TVs, Sony 4K projectors come with Motionflow, and they add Reality Creation technology, which coordinates picture values pixel-by-pixel for stunning clarity.

With a picture quality that replicates a live, in-person experience, you can see Ben Simmons and Embiid come to life on the big screen for a viewing experience unlike anything else. When the Sixers get to the Finals, you’ll have a venue that’s worthy of the game.

Ready to start building your perfect entertainment setup? Visit soundxperience.com before game day to get prepped for the ultimate viewing party.