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So Long, Vodka Soda: 5 Simple and Healthy Summer Cocktail Recipes to Try Now


Photo credit: Wiktory, GMVozd, Alejandro Rivera, Karaidel

If the Shore shindigs and brunch bashes are currently monopolizing your weekends, then you’re more than familiar with the sweet, caloric cocktails that make their rounds (think: syrup-based margaritas and Long Island iced teas).

Rather than succumb to a sugary (and not to mention, hangover-inducing) concoction, whip up a summer cocktail using Steaz’s line of antioxidant-rich iced green teas and hydrating cactus waters. The Doylestown-based company offers a wide variety of green-tea based beverages made with ingredients that are organic, fair trade and packed with natural flavor. We even rounded up five miraculously simple recipes to get you started. (We promise: your Sunday brunch crew will thank you.) 



Ready to make a batch of your own? Find Steaz products at the following locations: Whole Foods, ACME, Giant, Wegmans, Aldi, Walgreens, Weis, Target, Costco, as well as a slew of small, independently owned natural/organic stores. Plus, you can order Steaz by the case on Amazon. Check them out @steaz on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.