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Your Definitive Guide to Retirement and Senior Living in Philly

guide to aging well

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This year, Philadelphia magazine brings you an all-encompassing Guide to Aging Well, with health tips to count on when counting the years. Plus, take a look at the Philadelphia area’s top providers of home health care, assisted living and more using Find It Philly.

When to Switch From a Primary Care Provider

As time goes on, bones start to weaken and energy wanes. As your body changes, your care should change too. Switching to a geriatric specialist may feel unnerving, but according to the American Geriatrics Society, approximately 30 percent of adults over the age of 65 require their attention. It doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Figuring out whether your health conditions are typical, or could benefit from treatment that takes age into account, is all it takes to determine whether you should make the change. Here are the signs to watch out for.

Trouble With Memory: Memory might be the most crucial asset for daily function. Difficulties with recall can cause mild to severe impairment in thought and can create periods of confusion. If memory loss becomes frequent, this can be a precursor for dementia and depression in older adults.

Mobility Struggles: When getting up from the couch or walking across the room becomes difficult, this may be a sign you’re dealing with a more serious issue than creaky joints. Constant falls and struggles with rising and sitting are major warning signs. Weakness can cause accidents and injury if unexamined.

Multiplying Medications: Caution is a must if you’re taking multiple medications a day. Too many prescriptions can create dangerous side effects. A geriatric professional can recommend treatments based on their patient and rule out ineffective or debilitating medications. Looking for a doctor? See our curated list of geriatric specialists.

What to Expect From Today’s Retirement Homes

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Bingo is no longer the most exciting activity offered at retirement homes. Today’s communities are more like vacation resorts, with luxuries you’ll pack your bags for. Here are some of the most exciting amenities the area’s retirement homes have to offer.

  • Willow Valley Communities offers 12 dining venues, and all dishes are made from locally sourced ingredients. After dinner, try the six-lane bowling alley.
  • The aquatic center at White Horse Village includes an eight-person jacuzzi spa, an indoor lap pool and numerous group aquatic classes offered every day.
  • At Echo Lake, enjoy a drink at the rooftop pub while looking at natural forest views of Cedar Hollow Preserve. After, master your swing with the golf simulator.
  • Check out Beaumont at Bryn Mawr’s putting green and full bocce ball court, then catch a flick at their movie theater. Residents also take trips across the globe.

The Mind-Sharpening Apps That Boost Brain Power

You know you should work out your body, but what about your mind? Research shows brain games sharpen thinking. Here are three free apps (available in the app store on your smartphone or tablet) to keep your brain in shape.

  • Elevate provides a personalized program focused on speaking, reading, writing or math and tests life skills like catching spelling errors and calculating percentages.
  • Peak organizes a workout for your brain with word searches and other puzzles, and allows you to compare your strengths and weaknesses with other users.
  • Lumosity’s daily workouts offer three science-based games focused on memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving.

See our full Guide to Aging Well and prep yourself and your loved ones with the tools needed to live a long and fulfilling life. For next steps, use Find It Philly to look up everything from nearby active adult communities to local nursing and rehabilitative care.