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CBD for Dogs: 5 Dog Treats and CBD Oil Tinctures To Ease Your Pup’s Pain and Stress

With so many pet CBD products available today, finding the best CBD for dogs can take some time and research. Whether you’re giving your dog CBD for pain relief, stress relief, or overall wellness, you want to make sure the CBD oil or treats you choose is high-quality, potent, and effective.


Best Choice

Product Name Penelope’s Bloom CBDfx
Highlights For All Sizes
3rd Party Tested
 Vegan & Non-GMO
 Verified Potency
USA Made
Size 30ml 30 pcs
Strength 250-1000mg/bottle 15mg/treat
Rating ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


There are a lot of good CBD brands, but only a few are truly worthy of being called “the best.” Our team of testers read countless product descriptions and reviews, and then tested out the most popular CBD for dogs. Here are five of the best CBD oils and treats you can give your pup:

Top 5 Dog CBD Brands – Quick Summary

  1. Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Cannanine Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats
  2. Best Budget CBD Oil: Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil
  3. Best CBD Treats for Arthritis: CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats
  4. Best CBD Oil for Anxiety: CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture
  5. Best Flavor: Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews

Some owners prefer to add CBD oil to their dog’s food. Others prefer to give their pups CBD treats. When choosing the best CBD products for dogs, we made sure to include a few of both types on this list.

Best CBD Products for Dogs: Reviewed

1. Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Cannanine Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Cannanine Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

About Cannanine Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

We believe the Cannanine Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats is the very best CBD oil for dogs for a few reasons.

As a broad spectrum option, this CBD oil contains absolutely no THC, which makes it a good option for dogs who are sensitive even to trace amounts of THC.

Cannanine makes these CBD oil tinctures with human grade ingredients, which means you could essentially consume it yourself (but please don’t). It also uses hemp seed oil as a carrier oil, so your pup’s system can process it easily.

They also test this CBD oil to make sure that it does not contain any heavy metals, microbes, toxins, or other potential contaminants. You can review the Certificate of Analysis from the lab on the company’s website.

Cannanine Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil is formulated to be more bioavailable than the average CBD oil. The company uses a patented microemulsion process to create smaller particles of CBD that are absorbed more easily in the digestive tract.

Pet owners love that you can use these CBD oil tinctures on dogs large and small. Several reviewers mention using Cannanine’s CBD oil for dogs daily to manage anxiety symptoms such as persistent licking and overgrooming. We also saw glowing reviews from dog owners who have older pups. They say this CBD oil helps manage joint pain and arthritis.

Cannanine also partners with various rescue groups. For every purchase, they donate seven meals to shelter pets. The company operates GMP-certified, FDA-approved manufacturing facilities, and they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Customers enjoy getting discounts on multi-bottle purchases. Cannanine also offers free shipping for pet owners in their Autoship program.


  • THC-free
  • Made from human-grade ingredients
  • Lab tested for contaminants
  • Nano-sized microemulsion technology enhances bioavailability


  • Strong hemp scent


  • CBD type: Broad spectrum
  • Size: 30 mL
  • Strength: 250 mg/bottle
  • Flavor(s): Not specified

Check out Cannanine Ultra Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats today

2. Best Budget CBD Oil: Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil

Best Budget CBD Oil: Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil

About Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil:

We chose Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil is one of few brands that comes in a 1000 mg potency, which is ideal for extra large dogs that weigh 120 pounds or more.

This extra-strength formula makes it easier to administer the proper CBD oil dosage for your massive pup. Owners can give their giant dogs one serving of this strong oil, instead of using multiple droppers of a less-potent CBD oil. This CBD oil for dogs also comes in three other strengths, so you can give it to pups of any size.

Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil is a full spectrum CBD oil, so your dog gets the benefits of various hemp terpenes and minor cannabinoids. This CBD oil also contains some chamomile extract for enhanced calming benefits. And it uses MCT oil as a carrier oil for easy digestion and prompt relief.

Penelope’s Bloom sends its Pet CBD Oil for third-party lab testing to ensure it is safe and potent. We were also pleased to see that the company uses non-GMO and vegan ingredients. This CBD pet oil is also made in the US.

Reviewers like giving Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil to their nervous and anxious dogs before challenging events like thunderstorms or fireworks shows. They report that the blend of CBD, chamomile, and MCT oil helps their dogs drift off to sleep rather than pacing anxiously. Some pet owners notice their dogs seem more relaxed within 15 to 20 minutes of taking Penelope’s Bloom’s CBD oil for dogs.

Penelope’s Bloom is a California-based company that solely makes CBD and hemp oil products for pets. Quality, transparency, and community are their top priorities. The company offers multi-bottle discounts and has a Subscribe & Save program through which customers can save on regular deliveries.


  • Suitable for dogs of various sizes
  • Contains chamomile for enhanced relaxation
  • Vegan and non-GMO


  • Some reviewers find the dropper leaky


  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • Size: 30 mL
  • Strength: 250 mg/bottle, 500 mg/bottle, 750 mg/bottle, 1000 mg/bottle
  • Flavor(s): Not specified

Check out Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil today

3. Best CBD Treats for Arthritis: CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats

Best CBD Treats for Arthritis: CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats

About CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats:

If your dog struggles with arthritis, we suggest giving them CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats. We love that these CBD treats are formulated with turmeric to enhance their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits.

Ingredients like blueberries, spinach, and parsley also add antioxidants to the mix for improved joint health and overall wellness. CBDfx even contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, and hyaluronic acid, which are some of the most common supplements for joint health.

The CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats are made with broad spectrum CBD, so they contain helpful hemp terpenes but no THC. They are formulated with human grade ingredients, and have an enticing flavor.

These treats are also vegan and soy-free, making them a good option for pups with food allergies and sensitivities. These treats are a game changer for picky dogs who will not eat CBD oil mixed in their food.

We were pleased to learn that CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats are medically reviewed by a veterinarian. They are also lab tested, and results are available on the CBDfx website.

Customers say their dogs become more comfortable and active within days of starting these CBD dog treats. A few reviewers mentioned that their dogs wanted to play fetch or go for walks for the first time in years.

CBDfx is a California-based hemp company that makes products for humans and pets. They are quite active in the hemp community and are members of the National Hemp Council and U.S. Hemp Roundtable. CBDfx works with medical advisors to formulate their products.


  • Made with superfoods and ingredients to relieve joint pain
  • THC-free
  • Formulated with human-grade, vegan, and organic ingredients


  • Crunchy texture may be hard for some older dogs to chew


  • CBD type: Broad spectrum
  • Size: 30 treats/bag
  • Strength: 15 mg/treat
  • Flavor(s): Sweet potato

Check out CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats today

4. Best CBD Oil for Anxiety: CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety: CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture

About CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture:

CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture is a full spectrum CBD oil, which means your dog gets the benefits of calming terpenes and traces of other, minor cannabinoids (including THC).

This CBD pet oil can work for dogs of various sizes, from less than 20 pounds to 75 pounds and over. You can scale the dose up or down depending on your dog’s size. CBDfx recommends using this CBD oil for dogs twice a day.

CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture is made from non-GMO hemp and is U.S. Hemp Authority Certified. This CBD oil for dogs has been lab tested for purity and potency, so you know you’re getting a high quality CBD oil.

This CBD pet oil uses hemp seed oil as a carrier oil because it is easy on dogs’ digestive tracts. Hemp seed oil may also have anti-inflammatory benefits due to its omega-3 fatty acid content.

Customers say their dogs become calmer and more focused after being given this CBD oil. Some say this is the best CBD oil for when their dogs are adapting to a new home, or before stressful visits to the vet.

Most customers add it to their dogs’ food, but a few reviewers mention that their dogs are willing to lick it straight out of the dropper once they get used to its flavor. Dogs who are sensitive to other CBD brands tend to react well to this one, which their owners often believe is because of the hemp seed oil in this product.

CBDistillery is a big name in the CBD oil industry. They got their start making CBD oil for humans, but soon branched off and began offering CBD oil for dogs, too. The company uses clean ingredients, and the owner is an expert botanist. CBDistillery offers discounts to military members, veterans, and service officials including EMTs and firefighters.


  • Made with hemp seed oil for easy digestion
  • Formulated with non-GMO hemp
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certified


  • Only available in one strength


  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • Size: 30 mL
  • Strength: 600 mg/bottle
  • Flavor(s): Not specified

Check out CBDistillery today

5. Best Flavor: Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews

Best Flavor: Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews-0XPa5o4hD0BFfqnhiiGCm_z24ATiKj-bMFod-33qqxnq4vwjsDnpA1EIkJwKLByVsI

About Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews:

If your dog is picky and won’t touch even the best CBD oil, we suggest trying Honest Paws CBD Soft Chews. This CBD treat has a soft, chewy texture that even older dogs and those with dental problems can chew.

Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews are poultry flavored, and they do not contain any soy or GMO ingredients. In addition to CBD oil for dogs, they also contain L-theanine and L-tryptophan, two amino acids with calming benefits.

Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews are made from USDA-certified organic, full spectrum hemp oil that does not contain any pesticides.

Honest Paws recommends these treats for dogs who show signs of anxiety like frequent barking, panting, and struggling to sleep. They advise that owners give these treats to their dogs before travel, when new neighbors move in, or when leaving their dog alone.

These treats receive a lot of praise from reviewers. Most notice the effects within an hour and report that their dogs display fewer anxiety behaviors.

Some dogs who tend to chew shoes when their owners are away stop doing so after being given these treats.

Customers say that even their pickiest dogs willingly eat these treats. Several customers with older dogs mention breaking the treats into pieces so their dogs can chew them more easily.

Honest Paws’ hemp oil-based CBD dog treats are all made in the USA and lab tested for quality. The company specializes in several pet products, like the Honest Paws CBD Oil Tincture, the Honest Paws Relief Pet Balm, and the Honest Paws CBD Peanut Butter Pouches.

Customers who join the Flea Market — their loyalty club — earn points towards discounts with every purchase. When you buy Honest Paws CBD oil and other products, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Contains L-theanine and L-tryptophan for calming benefits
  • Made with USDA Organic ingredients
  • No artificial flavors
  • Soft, easy-to-chew texture


  • Bag may be difficult to reseal


  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • Size: 30 treats/bag
  • Strength: 5 mg/treat
  • Flavor(s): Poultry

Check out Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews today

How We Picked the Best CBD Pet Products

Our first step in making this list was creating a master list of all of the popular pet CBD treats and CBD oil products. We then worked our way down the list, reading more about each brand and their policies. We eliminated any brand from the running if they did not lab test their products, source their hemp from within the USA, or include the specific CBD content on their labels.

With a more manageable list of dog CBD products in front of us, we then started to read reviews. We paid special attention to reviews from owners with dogs who suffered from arthritis, anxiety, and various pain conditions. While we considered the content of each review, we also considered the reviews as a whole. We favored brands that reportedly worked well for dogs of various breeds.

While we absolutely trust the opinions of reviewers, we felt that it was important for us to also try these CBD oils and treats on our own dogs.

So, we recruited some testers, who were dogs of various breeds and ages. We had them try the best CBD oil for dogs and top-rated CBD treats.

Some CBD oils and treats were clearly more liked than others, and provided a lot of benefits. From this feedback, we found our five favorite CBD products for dogs.

Things to Consider When Buying CBD Pet Products

When shopping for CBD for pets, we recommend reading product descriptions and reviews closely. Here are the key factors to focus on when comparing CBD oils and treats:

Lab Testing

Without exception, the most important thing to look for in dog CBD oil or CBD treats is that the CBD has been lab tested. This testing should be done in an independent or third-party lab to reduce the potential for bias.

Lab testing verifies that the product contains as much CBD as claimed. It also measures the content of other cannabinoids, like THC. This is very important when selecting a CBD treat or CBD oil for dogs because they are highly sensitive to THC and cannot have more than tiny traces of it.

Lab testing also demonstrates that the CBD is free from potentially harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria.

Reputable companies within the CBD industry generally share their lab reports, also known as Certificates of Analysis, on their website. Look them over closely before you buy.

Type of Product

Both dog CBD oil and pet treats have their benefits and drawbacks. The best CBD oil for dogs will come in a tincture with a pre-measured dropper, making it easier to control your dog’s dosage.

You can adjust the amount one drop at a time, if desired. The best CBD oils also tend to have simpler formulas, making them a good option for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities.

However, some picky dogs won’t eat CBD oils because they tend to have a lingering hemp odor. Plus, CBD oil may also spill if you knock the bottle over, so it’s not always easy to travel with.

CBD-infused dog treats are more appealing to picky dogs. They don’t have such a strong hemp odor, and they make less of a mess. Some owners really appreciate that the dose is pre-measured per treat, so they don’t have to draw anything up in a dropper.

CBD-infused dog treats are easy to stick in your pocket for on-the-go use. However, they are hard to divide precisely if you want to give your dog a smaller dose.

Some contain ingredients that may not be ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. If you do choose CBD dog treats, pay attention to the texture. Crunchy CBD treats may be harder for older dogs to chew, which is why many owners of older dogs opt for CBD soft chews.


Every dog responds to CBD treats and CBD oil a bit differently, so dosing is somewhat individualistic. However, heavier dogs do tend to need more CBD than lighter dogs. In general, the larger your dog, the stronger you want their supplements to be.

If you buy strong CBD treats or CBD oil for a tiny dog, you may be left measuring out fractions of one drop of oil, which is tough to do accurately. Buy too weak of a product for a large dog, and you may need to give them three or four servings to see an effect — and that means your dog CBD oil tincture or treats will run out quicker.

Studies have found that most dogs experience relief from arthritis at a dose of 2 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight. So, this is a good guideline to use as you decide on the right potency for your dog’s CBD treats or CBD oil tincture.

For example, a 10-kilogram dog would need about 20 mg CBD per day. If you buy treats or a CBD oil that contains 20 mg CBD per serving, that means your dog will only need one serving per day.

Other Active Ingredients

Some CBD treats or CBD oil for dogs also contain other active ingredients meant to enhance the effects. If the product you’re considering does contain other active ingredients, make sure the effects are in line with your dog’s needs.

For example, if you are giving your dog CBD oil for arthritis pain, you may want to consider CBD oils formulated with added glucosamine, MSM, or turmeric, all of which are commonly used for joint pain and inflammation.

If you’re giving your dog CBD oil for its calming benefits, a formula with added chamomile may be ideal. Chamomile has long been used for relaxation and better sleep.

Brand Reputation

Finally, do a little reading about the company that makes the CBD pet products you’re considering, and make sure you are comfortable with their policies.

Many of the best CBD companies make their CBD oils and treats in GMP-certified facilities, which helps assure you that proper sanitation protocols are being followed.

Some companies are also USDA-certified organic ingredients, which suggests that they make sustainability a priority.

You may even find companies that work with or donate to rescue groups. That’s a plus for the dog community as a whole. The best CBD for dogs tends to be made by companies that put their customers and the planet first.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Treats or CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs are natural, widely available, and relatively affordable. Here are some of the key benefits dogs enjoy when given CBD oil or treats:

Pain Relief

Treats and CBD oil for dogs can help ease many different kinds of pain. These are popular remedies for arthritis pain, and dog owners also love them for pups with pain from old orthopedic injuries.

Some pet owners also use them for dental pain or post-surgical pain. Just make sure you check with your vet before giving your dog CBD oils or treats post-surgery.

Inflammation Control

CBD oils and treats can also help reduce inflammation. Since inflammation is a factor in a wide range of conditions, this makes CBD oil and treats pretty versatile.

They may help ease joint swelling due to arthritis, skin inflammation due to allergies, and even respiratory swelling due to asthma or illness. Some pups with IBS respond well to CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs because they reduce the inflammation in their digestive tracts.

Less Anxiety

CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs are popular calming supplements, too. They can help relieve your pup’s anxiety, whether that anxiety is situational or ongoing.

If your dog is generally the nervous or worrying type, taking a daily drop of CBD oil or a daily soft chew may help take the edge off. If he experiences occasional anxiety from fireworks, vet trips, or visitors in the home, giving them CBD an hour or two before an anxiety-inducing event can help keep them relaxed and at ease.

Fewer Anxiety-Related Behaviors

Not only can a CBD treat or a drop of CBD oil help your dog feel less anxious, it can also help them act less anxious. In one study of anxiety-induced behaviors in dogs, researchers noted the following behaviors:

  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Hiding
  • Licking the Lips
  • Excessive Salivation
  • Tucking the Ears
  • Shaking
  • Panting

Giving your dog CBD oil or a CBD treat can help ease these anxiety-related behaviors, which can make life more pleasant for your pup.

Overall Wellness Boost

Some dog owners give their pets CBD products to help promote overall wellness. Since the endocannabinoid system is associated with various body systems including the immune system, digestive system, and nervous system, a daily CBD treat or a daily drop of CBD oil for dogs can help support lifelong wellness and vitality.

CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs can also help with sleep. Like humans, dogs need good sleep to maintain their health. So, if your dog is able to enjoy better sleep with the help of CBD, their overall health may improve.

How Fast-Acting Is CBD In Dogs?

CBD oil for dogs usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to start working. Some dogs may show signs of relief a bit sooner than this, while others may take an hour or more to feel the effects.

CBD oil for dogs tends to kick in a little faster than CBD dog treats because less digestion is required before it can be absorbed.

If your dog does not show signs of relief within about two hours of being given CBD, try giving them a slightly larger dose next time. It may take a few tries before you find the perfect dose of CBD for your pup because every dog is different.

What Is the Difference Between Pet CBD Oil and Human CBD Oil?

Some human CBD products may technically be safe for dogs, but that doesn’t mean you should give your pup your own CBD. Instead give your dog a CBD product made specifically for pets. Here are a few key differences between CBD oil for dogs and CBD oils for humans:

THC Content

When full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it often contains traces of THC. Dogs are very sensitive to THC – far more sensitive than humans.

So, a full spectrum CBD oil for humans may contain an amount of THC that is safe for you, but not your dog.

If you were to give your pup one of these CBD oils, they could develop symptoms of THC toxicity, which may include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Sensitivity to motion and sound
  • Excess salivation
  • Loss of coordination

CBD oils made specifically for dogs are either free of THC or only contain trace amounts safe for pups to consume. This is one reason why lab testing is so important when buying CBD oil or treats. The lab reports verify that the level of THC in the product is, indeed, safe for pets.

Other Ingredients

Some human CBD oils contain various essential oils or artificial flavors to give it a more appealing taste. But not all of these additives are safe for dogs. CBD oil for dogs either contains no additives, or it contains only additives that are safe for and well tolerated by dogs.


Most dogs weigh significantly less than humans and therefore need a smaller dose of CBD. CBD oil for dogs is formulated with this in mind.

Those made for humans are often much more potent. It can be hard to accurately measure a dose of human CBD oil for a small dog. If you give your dog too much, they may become tired and lethargic.


Many human CBD products come in fruity flavors. As much as you might enjoy a strawberry or watermelon CBD oil, dogs do not typically enjoy these flavors. Pet CBD products are usually either unflavored or flavored like foods dogs enjoy, like beef or chicken.


What’s the difference between types of CBD?

There are three different types of CBD you’ll find in CBD treats or CBD oil for dogs: full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Here’s how they’re different from each other:

Full spectrum CBD

If a pet product says it’s formulated with full spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD oil, that means it includes all parts of the hemp plant, like terpenes, flavonoids, other cannabinoids, and even THC.

Full spectrum CBD oils and treats produce what’s called the entourage effect, which is a series of additional benefits that occur because the various components of the hemp plant are working together.

Broad spectrum CBD

If a pet product says it’s formulated with broad spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD oil, it’ll still include other parts of the hemp plant, but not THC.

You’ll still get a sort of entourage effect from these types of pet CBD oils and CBD treats, but it might not be as intense because of the lack of THC.

CBD isolate

A pet product formulated with CBD isolate is made with pure CBD — that means no terpenes, no flavonoids, no other cannabinoids, and no THC. This means that CBD isolate oil and other products won’t create that entourage effect because there are no other components of the hemp plant for the CBD to interact with.

However, CBD isolate treats or a CBD isolate oil may be your preferred type if you want to make sure there’s absolutely no THC in your pet’s supplement (not even trace amounts).

Will CBD make your dog high?

No, CBD will not make your dog high. CBD does have some mild psychoactive effects in that it can be calming and can promote a quiet mood. However, it is not known to be intoxicating to dogs.

Can you give your dog CBD every day?

Yes, you can. People often give CBD daily to dogs who have arthritis, old injuries, seasonal allergies, or general anxiety in order to keep their symptoms under control. Especially in the case of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, the relief your dog gets from CBD can grow over time with continued, repeated use.

It is also okay to give your dog CBD only as-needed, whether that is once a week or once a month. This is a common approach for dog owners who use CBD to manage situational anxiety.

For example, if your dog gets nervous every time he goes to the vet, you may only need to give him CBD before vet visits. If he gets anxious when people come over, you may only need to give him CBD before you have house guests.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give hemp its scent. They are what make CBD treats and CBD oil smell like hemp. Some terpenes are thought to have health benefits. For example, a terpene called pinene is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects, and one called myrcene is thought to be calming and sedating.

Because terpenes can be beneficial, they are sometimes included in CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs. Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil and treats both contain terpenes.

The difference between these two is that full spectrum CBD oil and treats contain traces of THC, whereas broad spectrum CBD oil and treats have had all THC removed.

Can CBD treat cancer in dogs?

There is some early research that suggests CBD may have anticancer properties. However, this research is limited, and more work needs to be done in order for scientists and vets to better understand how and to what extent CBD may help fight cancer cells.

As such, it is not recommended to use CBD in place of any other cancer treatment your vet has recommended for your dog. Your dog may, however, benefit from being given CBD as a supplemental treatment. Check with your vet before adding it to their regimen.

Does CBD cause any side effects in dogs?

Most dogs do not experience any side effects from CBD. However, some dogs may experience mild side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, and dry mouth.

Often, side effects will diminish if you reduce your dog’s CBD dosage. For example, if you were giving them 10 mg per dose, try giving them 5 mg per dose instead.

Switching to a broad spectrum CBD product can also help. Sometimes, side effects are due to the traces of THC in a full spectrum CBD oil and treats, rather than the CBD itself.


Anxiety, arthritis, and stress are all common problems in dogs, and pet owners often struggle to keep these maladies under control.

CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs are readily available, natural remedies that can help ease your dog’s pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Whether your dog prefers a liquid CBD oil or chewy CBD dog treats, we are confident they’ll enjoy one of the products recommended here.

Summary of the Best CBD Products for Dogs

  1. Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Cannanine Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats
  2. Best Budget CBD Oil: Penelope’s Bloom Pet CBD Oil
  3. Best CBD Treats for Arthritis: CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats
  4. Best CBD Oil for Anxiety: CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture
  5. Best Organic CBD Treats: Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews

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