Where Celebrities Shop in Philly

Unfortunately, we still can't find Nicki Minaj.

Rear-view of a young starlet caught in the flashes of paparazzi cameras and the screams of adoring fans

Jacob Wackerhausen/iStock.

Everyone loves a good celebrity sighting. The bustle of a frantic entourage or a hint of a pink wig downtown has been known to get even the most apathetic of Philadelphians on the edge of their seats. We know that when celebrities aren’t schmoozing in New York or flouncing about in L.A., they often enjoy a little downtime in our fair city (see: Bradley Cooper and Miley Cyrus). But where exactly do celebs shop when they’re in town? We asked some of the best boutiques in Philly for their coolest celeb stories so that you know where to hang when the next film set comes to town.

The Celebs: Bernard Hopkins, Meek Mill, Jonathan Cheban
Where They Shop: Lapstone and Hammer, Market East
“Bernard Hopkins bought Nike Airforce 1 Ultra Flyknits and an Alpha Industry Bomber.” Andrew Dopromilsky, store manager

The Celebs: Juliette Lewis, Isaac Mizrahi, Lisa Robertson, Raechel Taylor
Where They Shop: Malena’s Vintage Boutique, West Chester
“Juliette Lewis came in and bought an amazing pair of boots from the ’70s. Isaac Mizrahi bought several pieces the last time he was here, one of which was a beautiful Halston gown.” —Malena Martinez, owner

The Celebs: Eve
Where They Shop: The Geisha House, Old City
“We were all unsure about whether or not it was really her, but she was wearing a deep V-neck t-shirt and we saw the paw prints. And that’s how we knew.” —Cortney Sze, owner

The Celebs: Brooke Shields, Gloria Campano (i.e. Bradley Cooper’s mom)
Where They Shop: Joan Shepp, Rittenhouse
Joan Shepp sees celebrities ranging from supermodel-turned-actress Brooke Shields to hometown favorite Gloria Campano, Bradley Cooper’s mom (who also has been known to shop in Abington, where she scored the earrings she wore to the 2015 Oscars). Many actors also send their stylist to Joan to pick things up while they’re in town filming a movie.

The Celebs: Stevie Nicks,  Dick Clark, Duran Duran, Elton John, Sheryl Crow, the B52s
Where They Shop: Halloween, Midtown Village
“My best customer is Stevie Nicks. She’s been a customer forever. We’ve become really close friends. She brought Christine [McVie] in the last time because that was the first time she was back in 17 years, and they were like two little girls shopping. When I was a baby, I was on American Bandstand and I was friendly with Dick Clark, so he was a customer. Duran Duran, Elton John. We had Sheryl Crow a few years back. The B52s, I do a lot for them.” —Henri David, owner

The Celebs: Pink, Justin Guarini, Rebecca Krescoff
Where They Shop: Shop Sixty Five, Rittenhouse
“Both Pink and Justin Guarini visited our store [when it was in Doylestown]. Pink is from the area and Justin Guarini lives there now. He bought some Diesel jeans.” —Linda LaRosa, owner

The Celebs: Sarah Ramos. (Honorable mention: Jim Kenney.)
Where They Shop: Art in the Age, Old City
“Whenever he’s in the neighborhood, Jim Kenney stops by. He’s been in a couple times. Last time he bought a candle.” —Kelly Curry, manager

And there you have it! Now that we know exactly where celebs shop in Philly, go forth and try not to abuse your newfound knowledge.