We’re Calling It: These Made-in-Philly Rings Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing

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Photograph by Nell Hoving.

If summer could be captured in gemstones, it would look something like the rings that come out of Bario Neal’s Bella Vista atelier. The newest collection (see above) features threadlike bands dotted with clusters of ethically sourced gems—daffodil-yellow and seafoam sapphires, champagne diamonds that look like sand (if sand sparkled), mossy green andalusite, and opals that recall the froth of ocean waves—all perfect souvenirs of the season.

Bario Neal has already garnered national attention, and for good reason: Their pieces are simple but stunning. When worn stacked up, their pack a punch, but when worn alone – one on a pinkie, or an index finger – it’s a statement all its own.

THE DETAILS: (From top) Opal cluster, $811; half-moon, $2,380; sapphire cluster, $2,714; Aldine band, $349; black diamond band, $1,312; baguette solitaire, $590; Nikko ring, $1090; andalusite cluster, $1,401; and fishtail band, $702, all at Bario Neal.