5 Ways to Do Your Makeup in No Time at All

Because everybody loves a good shortcut.

Because sometimes you just have to touch up your lipstick at a red light. | iStockPhoto.com/ArthurHidden.

Because sometimes you just have to touch up your lipstick at a red light. | iStockPhoto.com/ArthurHidden.

Between the low-key makeup-phobics and the fanatical makeup-queens lies a fairly large demographic that doesn’t get enough consideration: those who love makeup, yet have no time for it. I belong to that category. Whether it’s back-to-back meetings, long commutes across the city, or just hitting the snooze button repeatedly until you only have 30 minutes to get ready (totally not something I do, cough), being a self-proclaimed Busy Girl can really take a toll on your beauty regime, which can leave you feeling less than 100 percent.

My fellow girls-on-the-go needn’t fret, however. We asked some of Philly’s top makeup artists for their advice on how to look your best for less time spent in the mirror.

#1. Goodbye overcomplicated contouring; say hello to strobing.

For “cosmetically challenged” ladies looking for a two-minute conversion from day to night, Ursula Augustine of Rittenhouse’s About Phace is a big advocate of the strobing technique because it produces a healthy glow without the fuss of contouring techniques. (Honestly, who even has the time to do this?) She suggests warming a creamy shimmer stick or liquid illuminator between your fingers and applying it in a plus sign starting from the top of the forehead to the chin and both cheekbones. Blend in a circular motion until you have a natural shine. When it comes to choosing your highlight, warm to dark complexions look best with glowing bronze shades, while paler women should stick to soft pinks.

#2. A little bronzer can go a long way – just don’t use too much.

Bronzer is one of those products that can either be done right or very, very wrong. Here’s how Ursula achieves a glow in under two minutes:

“Always bronze responsibly. First, use a proper bronzer brush because it hugs the curves of your face. I don’t care if your bronzer palette is mosaic tiled, rose-patterned, or split pan: You’re going to take your brush and blend the whole thing. After tapping away the excess, draw a number three along each the side of your face, hitting the temples, cheekbones and jawline.”

Spray-on bronzer is actually pretty effective at imitating the velvety, full-coverage look of liquid foundation without feeling like you’re wearing a ton. Philly makeup artist Monica Virga carries a lightweight Terracotta Bronzer Spray ($45) that evens out your skin tone and lasts all day long. Prone to oily skin? Have blotting paper handy for those quick bathroom touch-ups.

#3. Trade lipstick and lip liner for an all-in-one chubby stick.

The problem with trying to maintain perfectly shaped and super-pigmented lips is that the look usually requires you to carry around chapstick and lipliner and lipstick and maybe even a gloss. Instead, carry a chubby stick that packs all the moisturizing power and vibrant color of four products in one.

In terms of shades, Béke Beau believes bolder color is better. I mean an actual color, not nude, brown-ish pinks or similar shades that won’t do a thing for you, especially when make-up is minimal.” She suggests the reasonably priced NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil ($4.50).

#4. Use the Loaded Sponge Technique.

Ursula shared her trick for mid-day makeup touch-up that only requires a wedge sponge and some careful planning:

“Before you leave in the morning, take your wedge sponge and load it up on both sides. Seal it in a sandwich bag and use it at the end of the day to liven up your makeup before heading to an after-work occasion.”

#5. Don’t neglect your lashes and brows.

“Very few women don’t benefit from using an eyelash curler — it takes under 10 seconds to do both eyes, so no excuses. My favorite is from Kevyn Aucoin,” suggests Béke. Also, if your brows are sparse or incomplete, filling them in will frame your face and draw attention to the eyes for a polished look.