What Your Winter Hat Says About You

You’re sending a message with your cold-weather gear – make sure it’s the right one.

Have you looked up from your frozen misery lately to take in the sheer range of winter hats out there on the streets? We’ve got a veritable encyclopedia of headgear out there any given hour, from tight skullcaps to furry poof-topped beanies to shaggy earmuffs. And while you might not think twice about how you cover your noggin, we’ve given it a lot of thought. Because, really, how you cover your head conveys a whole lot about the person beneath the layers. We set out to answer the age-old, burning question of what your cold-weather hat says about you. Here’s what we found.

The Message: You’re either a descendant of Anastasia or you’re an aristocratic grandma. Or you inherited it from your aristocratic grandma. Or you hope to one day be described as an aristocratic grandma by the generations of your offspring. You are well on your way.

The Message: You aren’t afraid of trends, and you’re usually the first of your friend group to try out the latest wardrobe whimsy. You dig the fortune-teller vibe this cap gives off, and you dare anyone to make an offhanded comment – you know the power of karma.


Image via Vogue.

The Message: You how to build a bonfire, and you own at least five things from L.L. Bean. Winter is your favorite season, because you get to finally wear the mega-thick wool socks that have been hibernating in your closet all year. Your cat/dog/gerbil is your bestie. You might not put fashion first all the time, but when the tips of your ears are toasty warm, you don’t care.


Image via Song of Style.

The Message: You’re a chill hottie who knows how to carve her way down a mountainside or through the aisles of a used bookstore. Your favorite places to hang include the cozy neighborhood drip-coffee joint and Tattooed Mom’s. You consider yourself an amateur photographer/filmmaker/novelist.

The Message: You want to look like a chill hottie, but secretly you detest all winter sports (except Olympic couples’ figure skating – that’s your favorite). You enjoy Kate Spade planners, Anthropologie sweater dresses, and bright-colored lipstick.

The Message: You’re a girly girl with an affinity for the finer things; there’s no trying to hide your high-maintenance side. You obviously hate winter because you’re never outside, because your winter hat isn’t even a real hat – and we dig that about you.

The Message: You’re a style-experimenting, fashion-loving free spirit. You dress to impress yourself first, and that’s what makes your look stand out from the rest. Whether it’s panda ears or devil horns that adorn your cap, you bring a zing of fun into the wintry mix.


Image via Notey.

The Message: There is no possible way you’ll run into anyone you know, or you really just don’t care. Your trek outside is just an inconvenience between A and B. Or you forgot your hat at home.