Please Watch This Hilarious H&M Trailer Feat. Kevin Hart and David Beckham

Just do it.


These are a few of our favorite things. | Shuttterstock.

Philly’s favorite comedian, Kevin Hart, is being featured in H&M‘s new campaign alongside international hottie David Beckham. The ads promote the brand’s new Modern Essentials by David Beckham menswear line for this fall, and the trailer looks amazing.

The teaser, released yesterday, shows Hart shacking up with the soccer star and following him around his everyday life (Beckham in a bathrobe  –  just yes). Personally, I can’t wait for more British-accented Kevin Hart moments. Maybe he’ll even bring Becks along for his next hometown show? A girl can dream.

The full video will debut this Monday, September 28th, so mark your calendars, ladies.