Market Report: The Gross Reasons You Need to Start Washing Your Sheets More Often

Once a week, guys. Once. A. Week.


Quick: When’s the last time you washed your sheets? | Shutterstock.

  • Well, this is gross: When you don’t wash your sheets enough, you’re actually snuggling up in bed with nasty bacteria, dead skin cells, fungus and poop. (Yep. Poop.) You should be washing your sheets at least once a week. Here’s even more reason why, in case poop-sleep didn’t gross you out enough. [Women’s Health]
  • Crazy fashion-world news: Natalie Massenet, the founder of influential and renowned luxury e-commerce site Net-a-Porter, has officially quit. Interestingly enough, her departure comes just five months after the announcement of the company’s merger with Italian rival Yoox. What to think about it? Well, if you trust Diane von Furstenberg’s opinion, it doesn’t mean good things. [The New York Times]

  • Polaroid is taking us back to the days of, well, Polaroids with its latest product, a digital camera that prints out wallet-sized photos without using ink. But how shall we Instagram it? [Mashable]
  • The way you line your lower lid can totally change how the shape of your eye appears. Here’s how to make eyes look rounder, more piercing and more awake with just a few strokes of eyeliner. It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you never did it before. [The Beauty Department]
  • Embarrassed by your yearbook photo? At least it’s not on the cover of a magazine. (Cough, Kate Moss.) [StyleCaster]