Retail Rumormongering: Jonathan Adler’s Old City Storefront Is Up For Lease

Movers and (cocktail) shakers.


A Jonathan Adler retail store. | Facebook.

I received a tip that, among the gilt starburst mirrors, cheeky vases and Deco-leaning furniture, a For Lease sign is also holding court in the front window of Jonathan Adler‘s Old City storefront. (Gulp.) 

But don’t panic quite yet: While reps from the Philly location couldn’t comment, the VP of JA’s marketing and press department, Leland Kass, did respond to our semi-distraught inquiries: “As our lease comes to a close at the end of the year, we’re continuing to explore new real estate opportunities in the market,” he said in an email. “After we’ve secured a new space, we’ll be sure to let the local media and our customers know.”

Good news? Not quite. But maybe the game’s not completely over for Adler in Philly. Fingers crossed. (And stay tuned for updates.)

The Details: Jonathan Adler, 33 North 3rd Street, Old City, 215-574-1999.